Keiji Inafune teases Red Ash, a spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends

Warp Zoned writes:

"Comcept has released a new trailer to tease the company’s next project after the completion of Mighty No. 9. As you watch the video embedded above, pay special attention to the number of times the word “Legends” appears in the introductory text."

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MasterCornholio992d ago

I did love Megaman Legends.


Too bad those morones cancelled the 3DS game

FarEastOrient992d ago

I'm a big fan of Legends 1 & 2 along with the weird Tron Boone game. I would love set in that world.

MasterCornholio992d ago

Dang that Tron game was loads of fun and hilarious.

992d ago
3-4-5992d ago

* I like the look of the characters + the music better than Mighty NO.9 already.

SmokingMonkey992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

That's saying a lot! Mighty No.9 looks so good!

Totally agree too, Inafune is the man right now. Complete FU's to Capcom.

oasdada992d ago

Why did they cancel it again?

MegaRay992d ago

Slow down dude. Release atleast one game before announcing another.

_-EDMIX-_992d ago

Has large team, can do both lol. Many directors have other projects that they work on while their staff are doing other works.

ie Nomura working on many FF's, KH etc while at Square. I don't even know if he was ever only working on 1 title last gen.

MegaRay992d ago

Yeah, but Nomura has Square to back him. Inafune and his team are indies.

_-EDMIX-_992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

Independent teams still do many games at once. Insomniac did Sunset while working on Ratchet and Fuse, they did Sunset while working on the PS4 Ratchet, they during all those developments also made a bunch of PC and IOS games


while also working on a new IP Edge Of Nowhere.

Mind you, like Insomniac, some of those projects are being backed by other companies ie Sony, MS.

Inafune has ReCon being backed by MS, Mighty No 9 backed by Deep Silver and this game might also get backed by Deep Silver too.

Independent, merely means the team is not owned, they can still create work that is backed by a publisher. Its not uncommon for a team to have many projects going on.

Obsidian is another great example. They where working on South Park, while working on 2 MMO's, while working on Wasteland 2, all while also working on Pillar's Of Eternity.

Mind you, if we even go further back, Obsidian was working on South Park, while they where working on Fallout New Vegas, while they where working on Alpha Protocol. Again...its not uncommon for a team to have many projects going on all at once.

Sevir992d ago

Omg, the cute lil blue robot is every bit of adorable as Servbot... This is absolutely a Megaman Legends spiritual successor, much like MN°9 Cant wait to see more, Comcept sure has been busy

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