Nintendo will not stop supporting Wii U and 3DS in favor of NX

During an investor meeting, Nintendo assured analysts that WiiU support will continue while NX is being developed.

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Activemessiah1261d ago

That's great news for the Wii U owner but at the same time I hope they don't repeat the disastrous launch of the Wii U with the lack of games.... let's hope they release the NX when they have bunch of great titles ready.

Yi-Long1261d ago

Well, we've seen what they have shown this past 'Digital Event' for WiiU, and it seems they've basically already stopped supporting it, cause that was very depressing...

As always, I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll do with the 'NX', but TBH I'm also very skeptical, cause I doubt they have a clue as to why they failed with the WiiU (sales-wise...), and I'm afraid they'll just release yet another gimmick-ware console, thus resulting in very little decent 3rd party support again.

Cindy-rella1261d ago

I believe this and that Santa is real. Even if wii u will be supported can you imagine what itll be like. One game a year. The wii u barely gets games now so itll be worse when nx is out

mikeslemonade1261d ago

They need to phase out the support for a hopeless console. Why make exclusive content for the WiiU?

HammockGames1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

@ Yi

Agreed. They essentially stopped supporting the Wii U already. Their only focus seems to be handhelds.

Their claim of Wii U support is hollow. Strikes me as a desparate plea to string gamers along.

I own a Wii U but Ninty has royally screwed up with their approach.

jholden32491261d ago

I don't know what world you come from, but putting a screen (video games are by definition videos on a screen mind you) on the controller is not a gimmick.

Pre order costume DLC. That's a gimmick.

Nintendo, since the birth of the NES, as always brought something new to the table with each successive generation (barring Gamecube).

Just because it didn't sell well doesn't mean it's a gimmick. Just because it hasn't done before or is different doesn't mean it's a gimmick. Sony put a touchpad on the Dualshock 4. Is that a gimmick? No it's not. These are not gimmicks these are actual innovations and progress, and attempts to broaden our gaming experience.

The Wii was also not a gimmick. Motion controls actually worked. There may have been a crap load of shovelware, but countless cord games proved that the control method could stand on its own two legs, and in some cases proved itself superior.

So yes, I hope they do continue to innovate. Because if they don't all were left with is a third box clone that does the exact same thing as the other two that we already have right now.

What's the point of that?

NukaCola1261d ago

I think NX means Nintendo Cross. I really am starting to believe that they will be putting their games on other platforms permanently. I'm calling this insane idea now.

godmachine1261d ago

if this is how my wii u is going to go to its grave , without a fight or a bang , the nx will officially be the only nintendo console ill never buy . seriosly the gamepad should've been a game changer even if just for convenience ......creating plays in sports games rts point and click style or games like fallout or the witcher that involve a lot of inventory management and large maps and some straight up rpgs no brainers

simple example..if anyone has ever played baton katos its a card based rpg..creating your hand on the fly while actions play out or changes suddenly on the tv wouldve been something to behold

mikeslemonade1261d ago

Shockingly to everyone on N4G, I will buy a NX day 1. Now if all the games are mobile then I suppose I won't buy any games for it then. I'm buying the console for sure since I buy all platforms.

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GribbleGrunger1261d ago

After all the comments from Nintendo:

"We don't like realistic graphics. It makes all games look the same."

"Nintendo are not interested in the most powerful console"

"We won't stop production of WiiU games."

I can guarantee that the NX won't be a very powerful console and will support BC.

gameboy11261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

NX will be a beast in comparison to ps4 or any of the current gen their all just moderate in power NX will have serious power.....Nintendo Miyamoto said they want to excite gamers with the NX that means preparing a solid line up at launch and a powerful console because you don't excite gamers with a weak console do you ?

wonderfulmonkeyman1261d ago

Each system before this has been a step up from its predecessor.
It's dumb to assume it won't have hardware powerful enough to please, especially after all the criticism people have given them over the Wii U's innards.

Spotie1261d ago

The Wii U lacks hardware powerful enough to please, as did the Wii.

rainslacker1261d ago

Maybe, but if Nintendo wants to remain relavent they should make it at least as powerful as the current systems. Or at least close enough to handle the majority of multi-plats that are being made.

Nintendo itself makes some great software, but to really have a strong position in the home market, they need to be able to give developers what they need to make games for it. otherwise, they're going to end up in the same position they're in now unless their next system has some amazing selling point which sets it apart from the rest of the console market.

Veneno1261d ago

If they bring out the next console early and ditch Wii U I'll be ok with it as long as it has full BC for Wii U games.

ABizzel11261d ago


Unlikely at this point.

It all depends on what price Nintendo is willing to to sell this console at $299 / $349 / $399 (if it's truly a home console).

PS4 already has the majority of mindshare among console gamers, and by the time the NX comes out (2016 Announcement / 2017 Launch) the PS4 could easily be selling for $299 with bundles at a +60m install base.

A $400 Nintendo console off the back of a failed Wii U is a hard sell vs. a $300 PS4 bundle with full 3rd party support and in it's prime with 4 years behind it.

At $400 the best GPU Nintendo can nab in a is the R9 380, considering the NX is most likely scheduled for a 2017 launch. The 380 is just under 2x as powerful as a PS4. However, Nintendo has the strange obsession with low TDP and small form factor, so I don't think a console draining 200w of power and putting off a bit of heat is going to be their ideal candidate, nor is a $400 price, and at $400 they're really stretching that budget with the 380 and leaving no room for a solid CPU, which is the biggest complaint for this gen from devs.

But I just don't see a $400 in their future if they've struggled selling a $299 Wii U, a $99 GameCube (sold at $99 and less 3 years before the Wii launched).

At best Nintendo will be aiming for $299 - $349 price to match the PS4 / XBO, and with that the best they can get is a R7 390. It gives them a 2 TFLOP GPU which puts them just above the PS4 performance wise, for nearly the same price.

But that brings us back to why buy a NX with only a few good launch titles, when you can buy a PS4 with 4 years worth of games behind it, bundled with a game, and save $50? No matter what Nintendo does they're in a hard spot.

The big question though is what CPU do they use. A newer PowerPC would be great for backwards compatibility but suck for 3rd party. x86 would be great for 3rd party but BC won't happen. An Intel CPU would offer both, but increase the price at least $50 and force Nintendo to take a loss early one. And a mobile ARM would be great for cross play with a future handheld, but be a bottleneck for bigger 3rd party games.

My guess is PowerPC, devs have used it for Wii U, PS3, 360, Wii, and GC so they're fairly familiar with it, so it won't be that big of an annoyance, however, BC is a nice selling point for a new console, and with the horrible sales of the Wii U that's a pretty good catalog of games that can get a second chance at life thanks to it. Wii U is based on PowerPC 5, so a jump up to PowerPC 7 would be ideal.

Also if they want to get down to match the PS4 / XBO $299 price, then the R7 360 would be the best choice offering 1.6 TFLOP of performance, a super small form factor and an ideal 100w TDP tops, which is about 30w less than XBO and 50w less than PS4 (Nintendo would love it).

My safe guess for NX:

$299 (Safe bet)

Quad-Core PowerPC 7 CPU
R7 360 (1.6 TFLOP)
2GB GDDR5 (+100 GB/s)

It'll be neck and neck with the PS4 and XBO depending on the clock speeds (800 = XBO+, stock 1GHz = PS4-). It's CPU should be an upgrade to the current consoles stopping it from being a bottleneck, and it's RAM should be enough for multiplat games, being better and faster than the XBO, but a slightly smaller pool (though OS footprint is always much smaller on Nintendo consoles).

$399 (Possible, PS4+)

FX 6300 / PowerPC 7 Quad-Core
R9 370 (+2 TFLOP)
4GB GDDR5 (180 GB/s)

$499 (Wishful Thinking)

FX 8320 / i7 2000 series / PowerPC 7 Hexa-Core
R9 380 (3.5 TFLOP)
8GB GDDR5 (200 GB/s)

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3-4-51261d ago

* If Nintendo launches NX with a ton of games, the future of the NX will be bright.

* It's literally the most important thing in year 1 of any console.

It needs games... a variety, and good ones. New IP's.

* It will be as powerful as XB1& PS4 at least, so the graphics complaints go out the window and so does the 3rd party dev excuses.

^ That problem gets eliminated immediately once that is done.

Next, with a large amount of games during it's initial release, it gives people a reason to actually purchase the new console.

It could potentially release at one time with more new games than the others because all the games on that console will be new rather than only some like with PS4 & XB1.

* NX isn't going to dominate or replace PS4 or XB1, but it will remind people of Nintendo's greatness once again....IF....IF...IF they get it right.

They need to release with a ton of a ton of full content games.

Not indie games...full console games.

Doesn't have to all be AAA....but still needs to be good high quality new IPs.

* With NX you we get Realistic Graphics + Awesome Colorful Art Styles that Nintendo is known for.

The upgraded graphics also benefits the colors and art style oriented games just as much as the HD realistic games.

* If they launch with a ton of games, it's really a win win for everyone.


gameboy11261d ago

PS4 and Xbox1 are not powerful they can't even produce a game as beautiful as Zelda wiiu stop putting them 2 consoles in such high regard it's fake to say their powerful when 60% of the games are filled with bugs/framerate problems and basically screen tearing and just problems powerful consoles don't have these issues ??

All 3 are very limited unless used properly look at FAST RACING NEO it squashes 99% of all ps4 games it looks 60fps..

_-EDMIX-_1261d ago

" If Nintendo launches NX with a ton of games, the future of the NX will be bright"

Could we not say the same thing for the Wii U? Did they buy more teams? Unless they have purchased a series of teams, that is more like wishful thinking, they still have a handheld they support.

"It's literally the most important thing in year 1 of any console"

I would say 3rd party support is, but I agree that both are very important.

"It needs games... a variety, and good ones. New IP's"

Nintendo is barely doing that with the Wii U, what makes NX any different?

My issue has to do with Nintendo as a company, they can't just ask for support yet neglect ports, ports from PS4 and XONE are STILL GAMES! Why should a 3rd party choose to not make money on a port to NX?

Nintendo is the one that chooses to not buy many teams, that wasn't a Wii U thing.

They choose to not have a default online network base, that ins't a Wii U thing.

They choose to develop with zero 3rd party input, that wasn't just a Wii U thing, they did the same with the Wii.

They choose to seek a design that was of the "current gen" that wasn't JUST a Wii U thing. They did the same with the Wii.

The issues with NX, are really more so about Nintendo as a company then the system itself, Wii U isn't a bad system, its faults lay with it's company.

The fact that they are even making another system in the middle of the gen (can't even say middle, still the early beginning, not even 2 damn years yet into PS4 and XONE's lives) likely mean they will make a lot of those same mistakes.

Why should a 3rd party go out and make games on a platform that has a lessor install base then PS4 and XONE?

On a platform which its install base doesn't even buy 3rd party games?

They will have the same issues as their last consoles unless they start to actually seek support, work with 3rd parties on design to make it easier to work with and git rid of there stupid gimmicks.

Wii U being more powerful then PS3 and 360 didn't some how make it the system to choose....

NX being more powerful then PS4 and XONE won't change a damn thing...

Power is nice, does it even get supported with 3rd party content? If it does, will they even care to support the extra power?

I don't see them coming out with a extremely powerful system just based on lack of support and price alone.

At a higher price, it will fail, zero install They can only hope to gain some fans back with NX, I don't see them selling well, I don't see them even coming near XONE or PS4 sales.

MasterCornholio1261d ago


"PS4 and Xbox1 are not powerful they can't even produce a game as beautiful as Zelda wiiu"

Yes they can.

Horizon ZeroDawn:

The Witcher 3:

Zelda Wii U:

The PS4 and the XB1 are powerful enough to handle Wii U level games and more.

Vegamyster1261d ago


I don't agree with gameboy1's comment but that's a horrible image of Zelda to use in a comparison lol.


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MEsoJD1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

*looks at Wii* I'll believe it, when I see it.

pcz1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

''Nintendo assured analysts that WiiU support will continue while NX is being developed.''

lmao its funny because nintendo have been fully supporting the wiiu right from its launch, but nintendos idea of support is leaving it to rot on the store shelves for months on end with next to no support. so hearing they will continue that support is hardly comforting news.

N4g_null1260d ago

Sounds like the vita to me. Well they are trying to combine handheld and console output. Oh yeah what games are coming from sony for the vita or ps4? Plus they make high quality games that last.

rainslacker1261d ago

Launch day for the WiiU wasn't bad. It was the close to a year after where nothing new came out, and the quick dropping of support from 3rd party which kind of killed my interest in the system. I have one, but not enough games for me to want to boot it up on a regular basis.

wonderfulmonkeyman1261d ago

However, late ports of already-released games are a no-go.

They can't count on late ports no matter how powerful the NX is, because no one's going to shell out over $150 for a new console just to purchase prettier ports of games they already own on other systems (like Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, and CoD) all over again.

They're great games, but they won't make current owners of those games switch to an NX.

Nintendo needs to snag new multiplats and new exclusives from third parties, as well as make a strong launch lineup of first party projects.

No one sane should be suggesting that Nintendo should remain content with old ports for the NX's opening year of games.

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gangsta_red1261d ago

After E3, I really don't believe them. Support it with exactly what? More party games, Tennis? We can already see the development slowing down for the WiiU. There's no third party support, what else can Nintendo support this system with?

Veneno1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Punch out!
new duck hunt game
star fox
new Earthbound game

Kratos02891261d ago

Like they supported the Gamecube when the Wii launched or the Wii when the Wii U launched, sorry Nintendo not buying it

gameboy11261d ago

I said this before his statement why would they throw away an install base to start at zero ?? look like he implies NX will help wiiu get more support....

DillyDilly1261d ago

If this is true I'm Batman