Iwata: We Were "Not So Optimistic" About Splatoon Before it Launched

During the recent Annual General Investor's Meeting, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed that Nintendo was not that optimistic about Splatoon prior to its launch, mainly because the game was not part of a franchise. In fact, the game reached a million sales in less than a month, which greatly surprised the company.

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mikel10151258d ago

I'm glad this game performed above their expectations. Now they might become more encouraged to take more risks with more games and bigger marketing

quantae061258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Exactly what I was thinking man. Nintendo needs to realize that their fans do want new IPs. If they continue to make new ips then more people will come on board. They also have the option to reboot one of their amazing IPs from the NES & SNES. They can continue to release a 3D Mario every generation, because that's a flagship series. But they don't have to make every Nintendo franchise every home console generation. They are allowed to skip a generation. Bring Metroid back next gen as it already looks like it isn't coming this generation. Great new IPs are always welcome!

ABizzel11258d ago

This 100%

I honestly think Nintendo is just completely lost, in gaming and they truly need someone to hep them find their way.

Your fans love, 3D Mario, Smash, Zelda, Kart, etc...

But we also want something new like Splatoon, or a Pokemon RPG on console, as well as refresh on older franchises like F-Zero, Pokemon Snap, Earthbound, etc...

On top of that they need to get their online together, and offer a console with good enough performance at an acceptable price ($299 or less).

I personally don't want Nintendo to try and go head to head with MS and Sony, because it's a losing battle, but they need to be technologically cound to where they aren't a generation behind thus instantly losing 3rd party support, and they need to double their effort when it comes to getting first party games out in a timely manner and making games fans have been asking for several generations now.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1257d ago

So true.

I have always wanted Nintendo to try to make a game like this...

They have great creation philosophy that governs the company- this is why I want to see them tackle game genres that they have never attempted.

B/C I am certain that they will add something new to the genre that no one else would have thought of doing.

AWBrawler1258d ago

i campaigned and advertised this game to heck

Munnkyman1258d ago

Me too, when I get people to play it they love it. Got my friend to get a wi u for this

Concertoine1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I am glad a new IP is selling well on nintendo hardware. Cant wait to check out the Tower mode, but wont be home for over a week!

As a side note, i saw Miyamoto in Paris a few days ago. Also saw the Yoshi's wooly world producer (forget his name). I wonder what brings them here...?

I didn't want to bother him so i just said hello to him in Japanese but he smiled really big and personally offered to take a picture or sign something. (My wii u was in the room, but how cool would it be to have Shiggy signed wii u!) The picture looks really goofy (5'10" woman in heels next to a 5'4"-5" Japanese man...) but what an honor it was to meet him!

Reeze1258d ago

Tower Mode is really, really fun! It's probably my favorite mode so far. And it's so awesome that you met Miyamoto! I actually want to see that picture now!

gangsta_red1258d ago

Really? When I first saw this game I fell in love. Such a great idea and a welcome change from all the dudebro, blood and carnage we are used to from arena shooters.

Reeze1258d ago

When it was first revealed, I wasn't really impressed at all. It looked boring, and I honestly thought it was another Hasbro shovelware game (I wasn't paying much attention during the Direct). But over the months, as more footage was released, I became more and more excited and I can now say that Splatoon is my favorite game of all time! I'm so glad it's done well; hopefully Nintendo will see this success as encouragement to venture out into uninked territory and try more and more new, fun things.

wonderfulmonkeyman1258d ago

Funny story: I recently ran across someone who was under the impression that third person arena shooters isn't actually a part of any genre.
His entire reason for saying so was to bash Splatoon.
Some people, eh?XD

Concertoine1258d ago

I never see you on Splatoon, man. Playing ranked? They really should have the join system for ranked.

wonderfulmonkeyman1257d ago

My SN on NN is different from my name here, so that's probably why you haven't seen me on.XD
That and I haven't been on for the past week or two; I borrowed Tales of Xillia 2 from my buddy a while back, but I kept putting it on the back burner for all the games that have hit the Wii U recently.XD
I feel I've an obligation to finish it up before I go back to obsessing over Splatoon, so my buddy can get his game back on his shelf where it belongs, but I'll definitely be making some time for the Splat Fest this weekend.^_~

Concertoine1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Yeah its smashbrolink, correct? I played a few games with you a month or so ago. I always check and see if i can join some N4G bros because it makes one play twice as hard, xD

wonderfulmonkeyman1257d ago

Yeah, you got it right.
Like I said, I'll be on during the Splat fest for sure, and I'll be more active on it once I've conqured Xillia 2.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1257d ago

Why you hate Dudebro's?

Joking, I definitely agree with you.

PlatinumGX1258d ago

The game is extremely fun, it would've been a shame too see it fail commercially, thankfully the game sold well. Definitely one of the best games on the Wii U.

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