The Path to Paradise Begins in Hell: A DOOM Wishlist

Tim Allen, GIZORAMA - "Anyone who’s ever talked to me about video games for more than, say, fifteen minutes has likely heard me mention how much I love the entire DOOM franchise. The original PC games, the N64 sequel (that technically finishes off the ‘story’), the various ports, remakes, and mods (such as the brilliant Brutal DOOM, which this game…actually borrows a lot from)…hell, I even love DOOM 3, a game that most people remember as “the shitty one with the flashlight.” So out of all the amazing announcements at E3, I think I can safely say that the one I was probably happiest to see was footage of id’s new DOOM. (It was a tossup between this, Shenmue III, and the Platinum-developed Transformers Devastation)."

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