Code Name S.T.E.A.M and Splatoon lead the charge for Nintendo’s July 4 celebration

Calling all Code Name S.T.E.A.M. squads! A new online “Independence” tournament begins today and runs through July 6.

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jholden32491232d ago

600+ comments when it comes to talking trash about Nintendo.

But when you give people an article that's actually about games?

Nobody is interested

kangolkyle1232d ago

I said the same thing in that 1200+ thread at the top right now. They say N4G's always been supportive of Nintendo, but I've never seen anyone doing anything but bravely telling them that they need to get their shit together or their doomed

Spotie1232d ago

You do realize how many of those "600+" comments come from people like you defending whatever screwup Nintendo has made, right?

Meanwhile, in an article about the games, where are all your other Nintendo friends?

TheDivine1232d ago

Steam was a strange game. Didn't really dig it but I'm glad Nin tried a new ip. I'm sure it flopped harder than a fish out of water but still. I would've rather had them work on a console Fire Emblem or port the Radiant games to the new 3ds. Speaking of which what a flipping rip off. Only one exclusive for a whole new system. Of all the amazing games they could port to showcase it we get one. At least give me The Last Story, Resident Evil 4, Twin Snakes, or Symphonia. Or hell something exclusive. I paid 200 bucks for Xenoblade and the promise of other games that will use the new hardware. Grrrr.

urwifeminder1231d ago

Congrats on Splatoon ninty checked out some videos it has that plants vs zombies charm which for me has been one of the most fresh mp experiences this gen would like to play it..