Reggie Responds to the Wholly Negative Reaction for the New Metroid

After an almost wholly negative response to Metroid Federation Force Reggie Fis-ame responds in an interview with Mashable

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DarthZoolu963d ago

Did Reggie really say to trust them? Thats crazy! I trusted them on Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U. Crappy or no 3rd party games and no new Adult ip ever. (i don't like JRPGs)

Spyroo963d ago

If milking Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Kirby and other 30 yr old franchise is working for them to this day, why should they bother? Lol Nintendo fanboys will always defend and buy anything from Nintendo regardless, milked way more that COD. Also don't forget the amount of spinoffs of these series aswell!

ChronoJoe963d ago (Edited 963d ago )

N64 didn't have the best third party support either in all fairness. Better, but if you actually look at the systems sales and games you can see they underperformed in that generation, too.

I think Nintendo just came about a little luck with the Wii. Now, with the Wii U everything is back to the same pattern as before.

It's handhelds where Nintendo thrives. While I have always enjoyed their home consoles they have never been especially sound in terms of commercial performance.


The problem is it's not working for them. While their individual titles sell relatively well their system is not selling and that in itself grossly inhibits the sales of both their own games, and revenue they earn from third party sales.

It's a problem and it's one that won't go away with more Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Kirby games.

HammadTheBeast963d ago

I liked Gamecube, I felt like they had a good balance between their own IP's and other 3rd party ones. Obviously not as many as PS2, but comparable to Xbox.

jholden3249963d ago

So don't trust them then.

Who cares man it's just a freaking video game.

But do bear in mind that's just your perspective- it's easy to point out everything Nintendo platforms don't have, but if you try half is hard to acknowledge what they do have, you might spend a little less time complaining and a little more time playing great games.

donthate963d ago

I guess fans wanted a new true Metroid game and not a spinoff. Maybe deliver the true Metroid game first and then introduce the spin-off?

ShinMaster963d ago

GameCube had better 3rd party support than N64, but N64 held its own with 1st party games.

ShinMaster963d ago

The problem with the new Metroid game, is that they called it a "Metroid" game.
If they reskinned it and called it something else, the outrage would be much smaller.

XanderZane962d ago

I agree. When Nintendo Direct Event started and I saw those puppets, I was like, "!! This isn't going to be good. I didn't even make it through the whole show, it was just so boring. I think Nintendo needs some new leaders. They can't keep going like this. They did have one good E3 last year, but this was a complete 180.

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pcz963d ago

as a nintendo fan, its really frustrating to watch nintendo plough on ahead down a path that isnt exciting. at all.

i suspect there is a reason why the new metroid looks as appalling as it does- i think they made it in this way to make it easy to use as a mobile game once they reveal what their horrible plans are for that.

i think most, if not all future portable nintendo games will be made with this attitude, allowing them the freedom to make the game available to the mobile market. it makes business sense- they will want to use their assets to their full potential.. but i think the games will suffer.

ultimately, i think the gamers will suffer too, because its very clear the game is very scaled back. if this is the future for nintendo, then it looks like the glory days are over

Monolith963d ago

Smoking monkey

Hahahaha you damn tease

kydrice963d ago

Can't wait for season 2!

CaptainObvious878963d ago

Reggie stubborn as a child as always, but I guess at least he's not insulting anyone this time, I think...

oasdada963d ago

This , star fox and zelda were the only 3 reasons i had some ounce of interest in wiiu, though not necessarily a bad game S zero looks like a wii game and may make adventures less satisfying with bland scenery.. so two down one to go

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MasterCornholio963d ago (Edited 963d ago )

“This is an example where fans who aren’t able to get their hands on the game may be at a bit of a competitive disadvantage. Everyone who has played what we are showing regarding Metroid Prime, they’ve come across really pleased. [all I] ask is that fans trust us.”

OK I think I understand.

But I still don't agree.

Even though the game might be fun, Metroid fans were expecting a traditional Metroid game.

I know he pulled up Windwaker and used it as an example but its still a Zelda game of you know what I mean. If they decided to unveil a COD like Zelda game I'm pretty sure plenty of Zelda fans wouldn't be happy with it.

SmokingMonkey963d ago (Edited 963d ago )


Blast Ball does not equal Morph Ball.

Morph Ball = Metroid game.

Just drop the Name Metroid! That's it, problem solved. Just seeing "New Metroid" next to that image makes me throw up a little.

wonderfulmonkeyman963d ago (Edited 963d ago )

Pretty much this, yeah.
Honestly, I feel relating it to the Prime series was the biggest issue.

Had they just stuck with calling it Metroid: Federation Force, and shown some text saying "New Spin-off" before the trailer, it wouldn't have gotten as much negativity as it has now, for calling itself a part of the Prime series.

People reeeeeally want Prime 4. There's no question about that.

SmokingMonkey963d ago

I say call it Federation Force, and it can be set in the Metroid Universe.

But the Title Metroid should be saved for Samus, and what Metroid represents (metroidVania search and explore); not this shooter.

MasterCornholio963d ago

"People reeeeeally want Prime 4. There's no question about that."

Nintendo should have done that in my opinion.

Dannycr962d ago

I was there (at E3) and trust me, the lines to play the game were NON-EXISTANT!. Barely anyone wanted to try that. Most people were playing Star Fox, Smash, Yoshi, Mario Maker or Zelda.

morganfell962d ago


The worst thing is they had to know without question what the fans wanted.

Yet some moron had to say, "Look. We know what the fans want but let's give them something else."

Does anyone else understand the monumental stupidity that had to go into making the design decision which led to this point?

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Sciurus_vulgaris963d ago

They should change the art style to be more inline with the prime series; instead of a chibi look. Fans have a right to be angry. The game looks cheap and at first glance it looks like a cash grab that is abusing the Metroid Prime name.

B_Rickaby963d ago

I wonder if the took out Prime from the title and just called it Metroid Federation Force if it would be a little less insulting.

Sly-Lupin963d ago

Pretty sure the game was developed as a new IP, and they slapped the Metroid name on it to bolster sales/awareness. They say no publicity is bad publicity, so who knows, maybe it'll work.

I mean, hell, how many people actually bought that other FPS-style 3DS game Nintendo pushed out a year or two back?