SuperiorVersion: Yoda vs the Apprentice, in Soul Calibur IV

SV takes control of the light side of the force in a battle of good vs evil. Plus, a look at the online lobby for SCIV.

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-M4verick-3798d ago

wow that looks cool... Yoda looks like the movie.

Overr8ed3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

is the apprentice in both versions of the game?
@ below: thanks, and i was wondering the same thing. Vader v Apprentice would be more dramatic
BTW: the apprentice sounds like Solid Snake when he loses a round.

Nitrowolf23798d ago

btw is there a darth vader vs. apprentice video?

dachiefsman3798d ago

wow this guy is good at spamming that yoda grapple.

kingOVsticks3798d ago

is so cheeeeeeeeeap!!!!! GD!!!! even that last move was cheap but the apprentice looks awesome

Sitdown3798d ago

Are you talking about the last move where he drop kicks him and win? The same move that can not only be found from other characters in the Soul Calibur universe, but in other fighting games? Yeah.....we are going to need you to give better evidence on why you think Yoda is cheap.

codeazrael3798d ago

But Yoda did comeback and lay the smackdown on that rookie!

"A Jedi, you are not."

Bnet3433798d ago

LOL nice quote. I am actually excited about Yoda, despite what everyone else says here. He looks to be a unique character due to his height and crazy jumpy spin moves.

Xiru3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Judging by the videos of the apprentice in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, The Apprentice is stronger than Yoda. I wonder how that game ends, because The Apprentice could mop the floor with Vader. I wish he was a real character in the movies. He is pure awesomeness.

Megatron083798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Ya but the guy playing yoda use like 3 moves i really hope Yoda has a lot better moves then just those cause from watching the video he sucks. Still the models look really good and I have always like yoda

"much to learn you still have"

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The story is too old to be commented.