Gamervision Preview: Borderlands


''The Take-Two room at E3 was a sight to see, and I was excited to hear what they had to talk about as I sat down on the large, comfortable couch in the front of the room with HeyKidNiceRobot. I remembered first hearing about Borderlands from the cover of Game Informer, but never really followed it up with any research. After the BioShock PS3 demo finished, the Gearbox developers took the stage and explained that their new game was a hybrid FPS/RPG, calling it a Role-Playing Shooter (RPS), as they loaded up an early build.

Executive Producer Mark Tardif and an off-set developer played through a section of the game, needing to travel to a cave where an artifact was being held. As they were about to step into a vehicle Mark stopped, saying, "I'm driving this time, last demo you nearly got us killed" and jumped in the drivers seat. They took off, and drove around as Mark explained some of the features of the game.''

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dachiefsman3771d ago

the video of the presentation was awesome. Diablo with guns.