Gamervision Hans-On Preview: Rock Band 2


''I'd love to explain in great detail my experience with Rock Band 2 at the Electronics Entertainment Expo but I hate being redundant when I can avoid it, and I already reviewed Rock Band for the Xbox 360 when it first came out. Giving a list of the songs in the demo would also be sort of meaningless, as we have been covering the Rock Band DLC since launch, and a few amazing tracks mean nothing when the game has received hundreds of songs since launch.

We were promised that the guitar would feel much better than the original, "less squishy" was the technical term, I believe. I picked up the "axe" and in my time "shredding" to Pinball Wizard I didn't notice a significant difference in either the game or the controller, I might as well have been playing the original. The menus have been reorganized to deal with the massive amount of content, looking more like the Rock Band DLC store than the original's musical navigation menu, but other than that it appears that the game is $60 for a few changes and 80+ songs. This could be seen as a bad thing or a great one, depending on your views on the first, because the songs individually would be nearly $200.''

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