Deeko Hands-On Preview: Too Human

Deeko reports:

''Silicon Knights is a game studio that until recently has never really been in the forefront of gamers world wide. But to fans of the studios previous work just mentioning the name Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain brings back memories of Nosgoth; and the dark dramatic tale of Kain. While Crystal Dynamics is most known for the Legacy of Kain series, it was Silicon Knight's president and director Denis Dyack who was the creator of Kain and his horrific tale of blood lust and retribution -- or lack there of if you chose the later in the final moments of Blood Omen. Blood Omen was one of the first hack and slash games on the PSone that truly catapulted storytelling in games to levels few games had ever seen before, and have since.

Silicon Knights followed up Blood Omen with the critically praised Gamecube exclusive Eternal Darkness. Many at first surmised that EDwas going to be nothing more than another Resident Evil clone, but when released it was anything but. ED told a grim and dark tale wrapped in the works of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythology. Featuring insanity effects that messed with gamers minds, pulling off tricks like making gamers believe the TV set had been shut off, as well as the game glitching on purpose -- ED was full of mind bending tricks that no other game had pulled off. ED quickly became one of the few stand out titles last generation that tried many different things from the conventional horror game; and for it brought something new and fresh to the genre. While many believed that ED would quickly receive a sequel on the Gamecube, Silicon Knights had other ideas.''

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