GWN Preview: Wii Sports Resort

''Wii Sports Resort is the true sequel to Wii Sports, and it again is going to be bundled with hardware, though this time that hardware will be important to gameplay. It will use the Wii MotionPlus, an add-on for the Wiimote that dramatically increases the sensitivity of the Wii remote.

Unfortunately, the spokesperson on hand couldn't describe what the MotionPlus does save for make the Wiimote "one to one" with the Wii, but we'll get the technical details on this new piece of hardware shortly.
In terms of hardware specifics, I've been told that it will be bundled with the game, but not how many would be with each title. It will be sold separately, but for an unknown price. It comes with a port for nunchuk use and the previously released plastic skins have been elongated to use with the MotionPlus, though based on the Nyko Cord-Free, it's highly likely that the older skins will work just fine, even if mildly stretched. No word has been given whether third party developers have access to the MotionPlus.''

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