Pac-Man for IPhone

PC World writes: "Namco has brought its classic coin-op arcade game Pac-Man to the iPod, so it's fitting that one of its first iPhone offerings is another version of Pac-Man. This new release for the iPhone and iPod touch is easier to see than the original iPod game, that's for sure. It also has some innovative control options, though it comes up short on the game play side.

Pac-Man is the classic maze action game. You're the yellow guy with the voracious appetite, gobbling up pellets that are distributed throughout the maze while dodging ghosts that want to eat you. Four "power pellets" in diagonal corners grant you invulnerability for a short time, and make it possible for you to eat the ghosts, who turn blue. Later levels get faster paced and the ghosts take less time to turn back to their regular form when you eat power pellets. It's repetitive, sure, but for anyone who grew up in the 1980s and loves retro games, it's a bit of nostalgia, and Pac-Man for the iPhone is a picture-perfect recreation of the coin-op arcade game."

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