Nintendojo Preview: Mad World

Marco Halili reports:

''The background regarding how MadWorld protagonist Jack gets caught up in the carnage taking place within the game was fleshed out a bit. Jack is inserted into a fictional television game show called Death Watch, where contestants navigate a variety of gritty landscapes populated by grunts and thugs who must kill or be killed -- Jack included. MadWorld's fictional television program even comes complete with color commentary that alternating between vulgar, witty observations and vulgar, witty one-liners as Jack progresses through each stage.

While on the subject of color, MadWorld is probably best known for its black and white palette scheme, and it was on full display during the developer playthrough. It works well for this type of game as the black and white style really compliments the buckets of red blood that fly around on screen. There was a bit of a problem in finding your character in the middle of a tense battle, as having three or four grunts in view and the stage littered with objects to be used as makeshift weapons tended to have everything blend together, so it'll be interesting to see how much that hinders gameplay. All the lines on characters, environments and objects were sharp, so the problem may stem more from the black and white visual style than anything else.''

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