Game Vortex Review: American McGee's Grimm

Chris Meyer writes:

''American McGee's Grimm: A Boy Learns What Fear Is is the first episode in a new episodic game series. American McGee takes his twisted view of the world, and applies it to the fairytales we all grew up on. The interesting thing is that McGee's games help to show how the fairytales originally appeared, as dark, strange cautionary tales.

The general look of the Grimm games is unique by its own right. All models and characters are blocky in a cartoony fashion and look like something from another time. When everything is happy and lovey-dovey, the world is full of pastels and bright colors (think Candy Land), but after Grimm has had his way with an area, the world is dark and gloomy (think Nightmare Before Christmas).

The game's audio is so-so. Grimm himself has a harsh gravelly voice that will tell you what your next target is or when you are close to it, but besides his narration, you will find your ears filled with the somewhat upbeat music and over-the-top sound effects. Overall, the feel of the game is really sold well by both the visuals and audio aspects.''

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