Atomic Gamer Preview: Too Human

Matt Cabral reports:

''It's difficult to look at Too Human and not be reminded of its history; originally planned as a PS1 title-and later a GameCube project-its development began 10 years ago by Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem developer Silicon Knights. More recently, the long-delayed game received scathing feedback after some poor demo showings at industry press events. And now, on the cusp of its August release, SK's president Denis Dyack has posed an unusual challenge to posters of the popular gaming forum NeoGAF; he's basically said if his game is universally panned upon release, he'll tag himself on the boards as "Owned by GAF". If the game's a success, however, naysayers will have to adopt an "Owned by Too Human" tag. With all this pressure, it was a challenge not diving into the game's first few hours-on a non-final copy-without high expectations. But after experiencing a brief phase of "All this fuss, for this?" followed by our expectations getting back to a reasonable level, we rather enjoyed our brief taste of Too Human.

Where most games nowadays pull you in immediately with their next-gen visual splendor, Too Human doesn't really grab you at all…at first. The graphics, while not bad, are simply on par with most current games and a few notches behind polygon powerhouses like Call of Duty 4. The gameplay isn't instantly appealing, either; however, an hour into this first entry of a planned trilogy, we were hooked good. And by the time we finished our three-hour or so demo, we were clamoring for the finished product. This slow-building appreciation came primarily from the nontraditional gameplay and controls; using the right stick, you simply point towards the direction you want to melee attack, and protagonist Baldur races in that direction, unleashing a crushing blow upon reaching his enemy. But what's even cooler-and what took us some time to master-was a pinballing effect that saw Baldur bouncing from one baddie to the next, kicking ass aplenty along the way. By inputting an attack before the previous one's been completed, you can string together some amazing combos, and the act of chaining multiple attacks is both addictive and satisfying, especially when you see the loot left in your destructive wake.''

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NewSchoolGamer3798d ago

this game will probably recieve B- to B+ reviews.All of the previews and dems point to it.

jkhan3798d ago

I think this game will be enjoyed by those who have normal expectations and are willing to spend time with this game. Its basically more about hunting and gathering. Since the main story campaign is only 10 hours long. I doubt people will be satisfied with the story campaign alone.

elitewh0re3798d ago

man i can't wait to play this, after reading the preview it made me install titan quest on my pc again to tide me over! I need me a looting fix :D