OCZ DIY Gaming Notebook Pre-Install

OCZ provides a cost effective way to build a gaming notebook. discusses the strengths of this platform and the components which they will use for their upcoming build.

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TiKiMaN13796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

In the next few days I will publish a new article containing pictures, my personal experience with the install, and my overall review of the product

Tempist3796d ago

Interesting concept that OCZ has put out there and $1250 is not a bad deal, however the question stands is if it's worth the cost vs a desktop which will have more power behind it.

TiKiMaN13796d ago

Yes, that certainly is true. You could get more horsepower with desktop components and it would be cheaper. However, if you need to play come COD4: MW or WoW on the go this might be a good option. Building a laptop yourself will save you a few hundred dollars (if not more) compared to buying from Dell or whoever.

One obvious downfall of OCZ DIY Gaming Notebook is the fact that you can't upgrade the GPU. Still for mobile gaming a GeForce 8600 GT isn't so bad.

socalr63796d ago

That's the whole point,being able to upgrade the GPU. I wish they made them that way

TiKiMaN13796d ago

It doesn't seem like it would be that hard for ATI or NVIDIA to provide a solution. It would be pretty sweet if they did. Maybe this is something we will see in the future. It's kinda tough though when the GPU is already part of the motherboard.

schivelrybrn3796d ago

Ive been wishing for years that they would stop putting the GPU on the system board. it shouldn't be to hard for them to make a sys board for a laptop without the GPU integrated (they do it for desktops all the time), and use PCI-E tech, or something new. and create a slot for them. can you imagine changing your GPU like you change your HDD. man that would be great!!