WorthPlaying Preview - 'Away: Shuffle Dungeon'

WorthPlaying writes: "Last year at GDC, Hironobu Sakaguchi was at Microsoft's hotel talking up Lost Odyssey. He was seriously jet-lagged and, in response to another reporter's question, mentioned that Mistwalker Games' next project was going to be a DS game. He was promptly hushed by a PR agent.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon is apparently that project, with character design by Sakaguchi and music composed by Final Fantasy legend Nobuo Uematsu. Unsurprisingly, it's an RPG; specifically, it's an action-RPG starring a brash young hero named Sword. (The name is meant to evoke a sort of back-to-basics approach, similar to the original Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy, where the hero's name would be Hero.)"

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PS360WII3791d ago

Nice I do want to play this game. It does seem like a fun idea from a gameplay perspective with the dungeon always changing ^^

RainOfTerror3791d ago

looking good indeed .. gives me a chance to take a break from Zelda