BG21's Too Human Demo Impressions

The Too Human Demo has been received with both a little and a lot of fanfare. Many impressions of this demo has been touted across the the iterwebs. Now, BG21 is throwing their hat into the ring with their take on Silcon Knights hotly anticipated title.

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Poor_Xbots3742d ago

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Poor Xbots, another flop to add to your holiday season lineup.

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Veryangryxbot3742d ago

Chuck one up for the good guys, folks. Looks like another overhyped flop is about to hit the crap60.

LuHawk3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

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snoopgg3742d ago

When Haze came out and wasn't the best Fps out they trashed it, but when a game that has in development for years has poor graphics and busted up gameplay they instantly like it.

pp3742d ago

NO your confused you probably meant ps3 the home of FLOPS

FCOLitsjustagame3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Positive, if not well written review. I have to agree with him on the camera (I think). I had heard it was so god aweful that actually, when I played the demo, it wasnt nearly as bad as I expected. Sure its fixed during gameplay but it doesnt really keep you from seeing whats going on. I do wish you could look 360 when standing still and looking around, its just a pain to let go of the trigger, turn you guy, grab the trigger and look again.

I found the invisible walls to be more annoying then the camera. Every game has them but most do a better job of hiding them then the Too Human Demo did.

Still though the actual gameplay was solid and fun and I give them a break on the graphics and invisible walls due to changing game engines so late in the game. As long as the gameplay is fun and the story is good I think this will be a good introduction that I will buy and will look for the second installment of the trilogy to be much more polished.

khsmooth3742d ago

with some of your points about the invisible walls and not being able to look around while standing still. I did really enjoy the combat and I love the cool armor and weapons that drops at any given moment. I can see how co-oping in this game can be extremely fun and chaotic at the same time. I'm looking forward to it, however I don't think it'll be review well. I think this game may garner a 7.5 or 7.8.

Nevers3742d ago

about the invisible walls and I'll add some of the voice acting was a little wonky (but not Two Worlds atrocious) >
BUT I totally agree that the story seemed like it was going somewhere I'd be interested in and the gameplay had a cool momentum too it by using the stick that I really started enjoying. I hope it garner's better scores than I think it'll get. I was a big-time fan of Diablo 1 & 2 and TH has that same "must farm for better drops" kinda addictive gameplay I've been missing for a while. Playing co-op seems like it would be a blast... and having played this demo I can see that 4 Baldur(s?) proly would have been too overpowered to be fun. I'm definitely picking this one up and I know that the demo convinced proly 3 of my buds to do the same.

khsmooth3742d ago

Yeah I completely agree that 4 player co-op could of been a bit overpowering but I think something like that could work better if the game is on a bigger scale ala mmo. I'm going to be snatching this title as well and it's good that we get a diablo like experience for consoles. Now I just wonder why did it take them so long to actually do a game like this.

slugg3742d ago

That everyone who has actually PLAYED the demo, (and for some, maybe even most, it takes multiple play-throughs), seems to like it. It takes a bit, but people who give it a chance start to get what SK is going for. Too Human is different from every other game on the 360 so far, and SK has said all along that the combat (being on the right stick) and the camera (fixed, but multiple viewable angles)were something new that they were going for. The more I play the demo, the more I want the game. Period. It seems obvious to me that people who are still hating on this game either never played the demo, or only played it long enough to go "yup, camera sucks, combat with the right stick sucks, graphics aren't that great= epic fail." My prediction= scores in the 8 out of ten range, definitely enough sales for Too Human Two.

khsmooth3742d ago

I'm hoping that this game truly sales enough or gain a big enough following to continue the trilogy. Now I think about how sick it would be to carry over one character through two other games. And, the sick amount of armor and weapons at my disposal is more then any gamer could ask for.

La Chance3742d ago

always thought the art design in this game was great.Graphics arent incredible but the beautiful art design compensates for it in my opinion.

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