Square rubbishes claims of FFXIII PC version

Despite a slew of reports "confirming" Final Fantasy XIII for Windows in the past 24 hours, Square Enix has told VG247 this morning that nothing of the sort is planned.

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pwnsause3792d ago


Bombibomb3792d ago

Don't call them Square. Squaresoft is gone. They haven't been themselves for a looooong time, ever since they merged with Enix. And now to make it worse, they become the next Capcom by selling out.

-M4verick-3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Bombibomb just stop bro(Nasim). They haven't sold out haha. They don't owe Sony anything. Just becasue PS3 sucks and has absolutely ZERO 3rd party support or even JRPG support and you, like all moron PS3 fanboys, continue playing that crappy console with nothing going good for it.

Square Enix is doing whats right. Taking the games to the console that sales games and has all the good's not, nor will ever be the PS3. Unfortuantely.

It's not 2001 anymore. Xbox 360 is leading this generation and has been for the past 3 years(the reason PS3 has no games and 98% of games that are on PS3, run better on the XBox 360...quite a bit better, also.)

Tissue?? If you choose to play the PS3 then play it and stop whining!!! You know it has no games or developer support! It's not Square Enix's problem... Sony released the 600$ console thats hard to develop for(hello??? This is dumb!!) and first and foremost sold you(and me) a Blu Ray player!!

PS3 fanboys stop whining and trying to constantly make up for how bad the PS3 sucks! It will always be far behind the Xbox 360 as a gaming machine! Realize it now and shut up! : )

cp683792d ago would have won double: the 360 AND pc version.

Armyless3792d ago

I read somewhere they sold a bunch of consoles too.

badz1493792d ago

you can't never trust SE no more! for me, this is merely a marketing strategy! FFXIII is currently being develop using Crystal Tool on PC and you really believe they won't release it there? they just want people to buy it on consoles where the sales really are these days first and will announce PC version maybe with some extra sometimes later down the road! what was the reason FFXIII went to multiplat again? right, MONEY! so, trust me, they will release it on PC!

deeznuts3792d ago

MS already owns the PC market, they're not going to expand further by FF13.

It might prevent a few 360 sales though.

Bombibomb3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Here I was thinking they were going to take full advantage of the PS3 hardware + Blu-ray but Square-Enix just continues to disappoint me over and over again. Sony should secure Versus XIII, which looks amazing and different, but knowing them I don't think they care anymore about any of their 3rd party exclusives (with the exception of MGS4).

Square-Enix can rot for all I care. Sony made them what they are today and in return they sell out? LOL!

Level-5 > Square-Enix anyway. I miss Squaresoft.

ericnellie3792d ago

You've got to see where SE is coming from. On the PS2, they had over 140 million potential customers and as it stands now, even releasing on both the PS3 and 360 they only have a combined total of around 25 million potential customers. They've got to make a profit too =)

tetsuhana3792d ago

over 140 million potential customers?

Not when FFX was released they didn't, not even with FFXII. They've always been one of the developers that help playstation do those numbers with their must have games, I don't buy that excuse of theirs for a second.

CaptainHowdy3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

somehow your avatar pic suits u bombibomb...he was a nutt too

ericnellie3792d ago

Sony has sold nearly 140 million PS2s...which is amazing =)

kwicksandz3791d ago

Square goes where the money is. I dont think you where up in arms when they "betrayed" nintendo during the 64 era.

The money is just with 360 this gen.

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Alexander Roy3792d ago

I never understood how some people can screw with one interview so hard that everybody reports something different. All that was said about a PC and FFXIII is, that it is developed via the Crytsal Tools ON the PC. That's it. No one talked about a PC version.

treacherous_gamer3792d ago

Good thing I got a 360 though.

Bombibomb3792d ago

Yes of course enjoy the port that hasn't even gone into development yet. =)

Kage-Proxy3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

It does not seem to be a straight interview with Kitase and Gamespy.
"The order of development is that first we will develop FF13 for the PS3 and make it specific to that hardware to try to accommodate all the functionality offered by it and then, after the PS3 version is complete, we are going to develop the Xbox 360 version."

As for the delay in the PS3 version:

Interview with 1Up and Shinji Hasjimoto:
"1UP: Will the development of FFXIII for Xbox 360 result in a delay for the PS3 version in Japan?

Shinji Hashimoto: No, the development of a 360 version won't necessarily affect the PS3 version, purely because the PS3 game will be completed first. That's been in development for some time and is still on schedule. And, really, since we haven't ever announced any sort of release date...then it couldn't really be "delayed," right?"

Also, does it not seem to convenient that they took developers away from Versus in order to dev on XIII?
SE saw this one coming a mile away and they have probably been working on both platforms in order to reduce the split in release time for both platforms.

-M4verick-3792d ago

lol they're both being built from PC code. Yes they are PS3 fanboys and I will own you right now and show straight from SE mouth. Both are being built from PC code.

LOL You wish the Xbox 360 version was a port from the PS3 version. It's not. Don't lie. I'll prove you wrong.

TheColbertinator3792d ago

@M4verick,Stop running around and start arguments with people.You are acting like some sort of console police so quit your trolling and mind your own damn business

-M4verick-3792d ago

You mind your fuking buisness bro.

The 360 version isn't a port, like it or not.

PS3 fuking sucks and has lost everything. Get over it.

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