Street Fighter 4 Director Teases Console Additions


"Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono spoke today at San Diego Comic-con before a massive (and nearly packed) hall of fans eager to hear about long-awaited fighting game sequel. He began by apologizing for keeping fans waiting so long for SFIV -- it's been more than 10 years since the release of Street Fighter III -- and stressed several times that the new game is more a descendent of Street Fighter II than of III. In fact, it's clearly a game designed to appeal to old SFII fans from the ground up, which means the original eight World Warriors have returned along with the four Shadaloo bosses. It also means that despite the polygonal graphics (which Ono describes as "3D brushwork that brings the painterly style fans like into the game") the gameplay is strictly 2D; the third dimension exists strictly as an embellishment. "

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Lifendz3791d ago

but seeing it in motion changed my mind. It's Street Fighter and these are the character I grew up with. Can't hate on them. The videos on PSN look amazing. I'm sure it'll be a very solid game. I just hope that online play is there.