Crysis lighting to the max

the Mster Config mod improves the lighting of the singleplayer maps of Crysis. This results in some nice looking light effects.

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killax35633795d ago

Some of those shots (not all of them) are much closer to being photorealistic than the ones in the Crysis story the other day (I think it came from the same site).

slinkey1233795d ago

Its on

Its amazing i just downloaded it. runs better than very high too seriously well made :)

Poor_Xbots3795d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, they can only dream of their 360s running games like this, but if they tried they'd get the RROD.

Poor Xbots

slinkey1233795d ago

lol it wont be running on any consoles unless its seriously cut down. on high settings it used over 1gb of RAM yes thats just the game by itself.

And lol where are all the xbots these days?? seems like this site only has ps3 fanboys.

TheColbertinator3795d ago

The CRYengine 2 is just astonishing.The best graphics engine in the world by far.

ger1013795d ago

Awww, too bad I can't play it. Still looks awesome, though.

TheIneffableBob3795d ago

The red sunrise on Assault is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen.

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