Sony responds to WipEout epilepsy report

CVG: "We take consumer safety very seriously," Sony tells us.

Sony has issued a response after we learned that the silent delay of PSN title WipEout HD was due to it failing epilepsy tests.

CVG was told on Tuesday this week that WipEout "fails the epilepsy tests so much that it has to be re-engineered," hence the game's absence from E3, despite us having had what appears to be a near complete version for AGES.

Sony has neither confirmed or denied the report, only saying CVG: "Regarding the speculation about health issues, we can assure you that we take consumer safety very seriously and monitor it very carefully."

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thor3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

In other news, they are ADDING SPLITSCREEN to this game (only 2-player, but still welcome), as well as reverse versions of all the tracks, new ships and a choice of heads up displays! Split-screen is worth the delay to this game IMO.

Edit: They're adding trophies too! Almost forgot. This is surely going to be one stand-out title.

SpaZaA3768d ago

I was excited for WHD, however I looked at it as a partial game, due to the few tracks/vehicles and no split screen. The delay may turn out to be the best thing for this game. Now it's going to be a fully robust experience and well worth the likely $39.99 price tag.

JoelR3768d ago

Split Screen
Reverse Tracks

all worthy editions ^_^

Bordel_19003768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I think this whole epilepsy thing is just bullshit. Wipeout never got delayed because of not passing an epilepsy test. That was just a rumour put out there by CVG, wich they have no proof or confirmation for.

killax35633768d ago

In 1997, 618 Japanese kids had epileptic seizures after watching a specific episode of Pokemon.


I'm pretty sure that specific episode was never shown in America or again in Japan for that reason.

thor3768d ago

Your source itself clearly states that those with photosensitive epilepsy could have it triggered by slow-flashing, high contrast lights which are "common in TV programmes and video games". So of course wipeout could cause epileptic fits, but so could lots of games or tv programmes, it doesn't stop them being released.

killax35633768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

so what? my point is that its not bunk.

besides, Sony seems to have an 'epilepsy test' which all games are supposed to pass b/f they get certified. this game obviously didn't pass the test so back to the drawing board.

EDIT: @3.4, are u stupid? like I said Sony has an 'epilepsy test' that games must pass b/f they get Sony's stamp of approval. games that have been released for the ps3 (and probably ps2 and ps1) have passed that test so there's minimal risk of epilepsy.

and since when does Sony take responsibility for what's on tv and the subway? if a dude gets an epilepsy b/c of subway lights are they going to sue Sony? No. If they get an epelipsy playing a game on the ps3 are they going to sue Sony? Yes (and sony and the ps3 will get a s--tload of badpress to boot).

thor3768d ago

But WHY would you stop your own game from being released, knowing full well that there are other games available, as well as television broadcasting, that cause epilepsy in the exact same way?

SpaZaA3768d ago

geez, that's a hard one. /sarcasm.

Maybe to ensure consumers are safe and to avoid possible lawsuits?
I could care less if you yourself don't mind taking the risk of causing seizures to friends or family members you may have watching the same TV as you. However most people would agree, there shouldn't be this risk.

There are NOT many cases of people taking seizures from movies/games/etc due to the fact there is testing to ensure the safety of the general public.

Your reasoning is childish and ignorant. But then again you most likely are the same type of person who would leave a loaded gun in an unlocked drawer and feel "fine" with it.

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mirroredderorrim3768d ago

Should we stop making games because people are born epileptic? No, because most people aren't epileptic. Wouldn't make sense to single everyone out. Unfortunately some people with authority do not think so.

JoelR3768d ago

You do know that under the right circumstances _ANYONE_ can be induced into an epileptic fit right?

Armyless3768d ago

"Photosensitivity occurs in only about 3% of people with epilepsy, however, so almost all children who have epilepsy should be able to play video games without ill effects."

JoelR3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Basically I have never said that one factor is the only trigger
you make assumptions that are not there about my viewpoint.

Video games can induce as can any activity - you need the right mix of factors - you assume I mean only light induced (find a place where I said that)
Epilepsy can be triggered by any number of factors - including genetics, audio stimulation, touch, mental stimulation, visual stimulation and many other things including drugs and dopamine levels....

video games can bring a convergence of many of these factors together
audio, video, touch, mental etc... and that may trigger if it breachs the threshold for any one person.

--- at below ---

a hazzard is a hazzard is a hazzard
It's better to lower a risk if you can (and you have a legal responsible to reduce risk if you are selling a product)

- and again you assume that it is photosentivity that causes it...

Armyless3768d ago

"Parents who are unsure whether a child who has epilepsy is photosensitive should check with the doctor. This can usually be determined from their EEG test. Photosensitive children may be able to play some games quite safely but have problems with others. Medication or blue polarized sunglasses can often prevent seizures caused by photosensitivity."

Why you think we should shield the entire planet's population and limit the content of creative expression for the rare among rare is beyond me.

thewhoopimen3768d ago

.... as if a Parent's first worrying priority is their kid suffering from visual/audio induced epileptic seizures... come on....

Sony's just doing a good thing for its community. get over it.

Bleyd3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

That videogames alone can cause epileptic fits in "ANYONE" as you put it. Yes, there is a lot of interaction and immersion involved in playing a videogame but at the same time there's at least a hundred times more in real life. If videogames could cause anyone to have epileptic fits then you would most certainly have a widespread epidemic in the world with epileptic seizures as people drive down the road at night or play football or anything else.

I do applaud Sony for trying to stay within the "safe" guidelines set by government in regards to this but I also applaud someone for not jaywalking and also for not riding your bike on the road when there is a perfectly good sidewalk available. My point is that ANYTHING can be dangerous no matter how mild it may seem but there's no point in going overboard and walking around in bubble wrap clothing your whole life.

As to the flashing lights event causing epileptic seizures a slow flickering of lights by about one cycle per second can also cause seizures in a really rare percentage of the population. Is that cause enough to stop all videogames from being released? No. Should 1% of the world's population be cause enough to make one game go back to the drawing board? You say, yes, apparently. I on the other hand say slap a warning label on it and release it anyway. Don't make the 99% of the world suffer just because 1% can't have the same kind of fun too.

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thor3768d ago

Yes I am dubious about the epilepsy claim. I mean, they just put a warning on stuff like that. And how, possibly, could wipeout be any worse than FLASHING STROBE LIGHTS on TV programmes (which come with a warning) or strobes in clubs? I think the reason they have not denied this claim is because they are having some developmental issues on the PS3 (not able to hit 60fps, or not able to run at full 1080p, which they have advertised heavily) and don't want to admit it.

Bordel_19003768d ago

Right, that's what I mean. They have technical problems with the title, it hasn't got anything to do with epilepsy, that's a rumour only that people are taking as fact.

thewhoopimen3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Here's the question... so what if it is? Should Sony release it as-is then? Who cares if its delayed. It isn't an AAA title.

and btw... it has been running at 1080p / 60fps since the beginning

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