Sony: We have the best games line-up

MCV: 'The competition is weaker than PS3', says European boss Reeves

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PoSTedUP3768d ago

btw... siren: blood curse is off the hook! BUY IT NOW.

SL1M DADDY3768d ago

SIREN is awesome! As much as I like Siment Hill, this game makes it look like pansie chit!

Baba19063768d ago

looks like ill have to buy it. i might sh!t my pants though.......

PoSTedUP3768d ago

yea im really enjoying it. its one of the better horror games

Bombibomb3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

He's talking about Heavy Rain, just so you know. Did you know that there's 4 seconds of gameplay leaked on Youtube? =)

Edit: Lol @ the report.

kg73103768d ago

where :|? put the link please :)

Rob0g0rilla3768d ago

You should definitely post a link.

I can't believe this is in-game.

tetsuhana3768d ago

A comment on the youtube vid

quanticdream01 (4 days ago)
"Sorry folks, keep faith though. Public showing forecast soon. 30 days to go...."

dadice3768d ago

Sony: We have the best games line-up.

Dadice: No you don't.

Hagaf223768d ago

your right, nintendo's line is sure looking to please...

come on kid, grow up.

ChampIDC3768d ago

Every company thinks they have the best lineup. We know. Can we just move on now?

azzam3768d ago

Q to Microsoft:Tell us about your good games line-up?
A:We don't have any so how can we tell

ericnellie3768d ago

You guys are too funny with your little imaginary dialogs!

ChampIDC3768d ago

And fanboyism runs rampant...

Fatmanp3768d ago

SO having one notable game on the market means you have the best lineup. I will be gobsmacked if Resistance 2, LBP and Socom manage to sell more than Fable 2 and Gears combined or even just Gears 2 alone.

Origin3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

they will prob all outsell fable 2 and lbp might be able to beat gears if sony advertises lbp a lot
this also goes into 2009 with killzone 2 and infamous coming out in the spring
what does 360 have coming the first half of 2009?

edhe3768d ago

You know i'm not sure, too busy thinking of all the cracking titles that have come out and will be coming out to think like a ps3 fan ("oooh, when do we get good games?")

Between gears2, vp2, too human (yes, i'll rent it), mercs2, fallout3 and all that stuff along with good dips into halo3, mass effect and my extensive arcade stuff (with party support \o/) i think i'll be too busy considering what to play next, nevermind what to play next year.

You can be assured that there's plenty in the lineup for next year, MS publicise this years stuff generally, to make sure customers know what they're actually getting, unlike Sony who seem to show off titles that won't arrive for years (killzone2, home, lbp as examples)

Origin3768d ago

sony didnt show stuff years away at this e3
they showed resistance2, lbp, infamous, and killzone 2 which are all coming out in a years time
god of war 3 is far away but still is suppose to come out in 2009
ms actually showed the farest away game, final fantasy, which wont come out to 2010
mercs2 and fallout are both coming to the ps3
and the psn games showed looked a lot more diverse then the xbla games

butterfinger3768d ago

That is because outside of the Halo arena and Bio, ME, and Gears sequels, MS has no games coming. Aren't all their exclusives, or at least the highly anticipated ones, sequels? Please don't throw Too Human at me. I played the demo, and I'll rent it (not highly anticipated in other words).

TheExecutive3768d ago

I swear to god 360 owners think every multiplatform game is somehow exclusive to the 360.

Sorry but MS is beating the HALO horse to death. Gears sequel should be pretty sweet, dunno about Fable it could be really good but what does MS really have for 08 beside those two titles? What do they have for 2009?

The 360 is starting to remind me of the PSP.

TornRaptor3768d ago

MS have for the last two years shown only the games coming for that year. The only exception to that would be a trailer for Resident Evil 5 @ E3 07 and FF13 @ E3 08. Why don't we all just wait and see what they announce next year for the 2009 calender year before we jump on the MS has no games wagon.

witchking3768d ago

So go check GameStop, do a search on upcoming titles by platform (yes, even the multi-plat ones) and then compare how many games that GS knows about are coming to your system of choice.

360 - 172
DS - 159
PS3 - 148
Wii - 138
PS2 - 76
PSP - 30

That's right, there are more games coming to the 360 than any other platform. And the PSP is a dried up husk that is limping along until Sony decides to release a PSP2 (hopefully).

It is nice to see that the PS3 has more titles in the pipeline than the Wii, and we all know that the Wii titles that are in the pipe are casual garbage.

butterfinger3768d ago

Look at those 172 titles and please tell me how many quality titles are there. I was making a list today of all the games I was gonna by this year and I came up with 6 that interested me on the 360 (counting multiplats) and 12 for the PS3. I understand that my personal opinion makes no difference, but it doesn't matter how many games you put out if most of them are garbage. As for your list of 360 titles coming out this year that you responded to Colbert with- lmao. For the PS3 in 2008 you've got LBP, Res 2, Socom, Motorstorm 2, Bioshock, Tekken 6, and Final Fantasy Versus 13 (if you still want to go by Gamestop dates). Those are just the exclusives (except Bioshock). 360 exclusives I'll be getting are Fable 2, Left 4 Dead, Gears 2, and possibly Alan Wake if it makes it this year. Multiplats are undecided, but I'll definitely have Madden and Fallout 3 on the 360 with Soul Calibur 4 and LEGO Batman on my PS3. The PS3's list of exclusives this year are just killing the 360's, especially if you count what has already been released.

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