"Substantial" 360 and PC Fallout 3 DLC equivalent to Oblivion's KotN, says Hines

Speaking to VG247 this morning, Bethesda's Peter Hines has said that Fallout 3's DLC will be coming to PC as well as 360.

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Mc Fadge3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I noticed the slight twist you pulled on the title :/

Bombibomb3796d ago

Yeah tell me about it lol. Not to mention Microsoft paid for the exclusive DLC. -___-

Genesis53796d ago

Exactly. It was thing to do the. Because MS probably paid about 50 mil to aquire this.

InMyOpinion3796d ago

“We felt [PC and 360 exclusivity] was the right thing to do for Fallout 3.” is what he said.

decapitator3796d ago

Its amazing how money can sway some of the industries most smartest people into nothing but tools.

StephanieBBB3796d ago

This DLC is more than likely not to be free but still it's a nice choice to have when you have completed fallout 3 and seen all the 200 endings it has...

SolidLiquidSnake3796d ago

Completly nonsense! This is not nothing right to do! I think every gamer has the right of playing this DLC! Unless be honest and said that this DLC was a deal whith MS!

gaffyh3796d ago

I don't know about you guys, but I don't care about DLC at all. I mean I got GTA4 for 360, but I AM NOT going to buy the DLC. What's the point of buying a game for £40 and then having to pay for DLC? Completely not worth buying.

Ghoul3796d ago

twisting titles like you did should result in a temporary ban imo....

Unreal_Liquid_Jonte3796d ago

its not 200 endings, its 500 endings........finish the game 500 times to get every achievements, thats soooooooooooo overkill *.*

xhairs93796d ago

Why does it seem that Microsoft constantly "donates" money for exclusive DLC on the games that need it the least? I'm sorry but GTA4? I highly doubt the statistics will prove that to have worked out for the DLC considering the game was boring/reptitive/looked like crap in some areas/etc. etc.

Now this Fallout 3 game? The game is 100+ hours long, has multiple endings out the wazooo and now they're buying dlc for it? Give me a break this game IS microsoft are some idiots don't they see all they're doing is iritating us with all the money they throw out? it's not going to make me buy and xbox 360 because you keep buying all the DLC it's going to make me kill your boss.

AuToFiRE3796d ago

I wonder what would happen if M$ ran out of money..

that is actually quite ingenious(for M$, not the consumer).. ship the 360 with small hard drives, buy all the content you possibley can, make them fill up those small hard drives, make them buy bigger hard drives to download more stuff, hmm..

Overr8ed3796d ago

yea who didnt notice that... Trying to start a freaking forest fire.

StephanieBBB3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

oops sry my bad xP

This DLC doesn't bother me at all though but if at some random point they would choose to make achievements for the Xbox360 and skip trophies for the PS3, THEN! There would be hell to pay for both M$ and Bethesda!

Gam713796d ago

And how do you experts with your insider knowledge know M$ paid for this?

Talk about grasping at straws. Are you that desperate that you have to attack.

You have a good game on the ps3 to play now, play it and stop showing your insecurities.

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Fishy Fingers3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Nice headline VG247, like how you've twisted it. Very smart....

Perhaps blocking VG247 from N4G is the "right thing to do".

predator3796d ago

yeah i slight twist on the title...

back on topic...bethesda had a few problems with DLC for Oblivion (is shiviering ilse out yet even?) so im not really suprised they left out the ps3 as "the right thing to do"

SixTwoTwo3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Shivering Isles has been on the PSN since last November ;)

I don't live in europe.

Baka-akaB3796d ago

twist ? i dont care about the DLC but isnt that what he basically said ? he should just have choosen his word a bit more carefully .

clintos593796d ago

The game is still coming to the ps3 and I think 100+ hours of gameplay for this game is enough. Wont be needing extra DLC.

predator3796d ago

tell that to the people that play Oblivion

clintos593796d ago

u guys said the same thing about GTA4, and I got alot of friends that bought that game and yet, they are all back to playing call of duty 4, gears of war, halo 3. I dont think the DLC will be as important as u 360 only owners are making it out to be.

It is a big deal to u guys but u gotta remember there are other big games coming around that same time aswell.

predator3796d ago

if thats the case then the Oblivion DLC wouldn't of been the hit that it was, the same will go for Fallout 3

Shortstop3796d ago

Not sure how much I'll care. I still own both Oblivion and GTA, yet I haven't been bothered to beat either yet. Seems to me, personally, if the game isn't MGS, then it will be pushed aside a month or so later for a better game anyways.

Still, it can't be the "right thing to do," when clearly it's just because money changed hands.

Gam713796d ago

Lol, clearly is it?

Where? how do you know?
Is that what happened with £ony and alone in the dark?
They paid for it?

Of course as soon as £ony go back to their old ways and paying for extras (they did don't act like they never) then it will be fine.

KBDuB3796d ago

I have played Oblivion MANY times, and the addition of the DLC like KotN were a very welcome addition to the game. So, if Fallout 3 has DLC like KotN, then it may be worth the purchase..

solidsnakus3795d ago

hey this is nothing to brag about but i had over 120 hours in oblivion. i cant beleive my xbox held out for that long lol. but it was an amazing game. unfortunately i sold it before shivering isles came out.

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tako20003796d ago

What? that's unfair... PS3 get no love at all >_<

Guess need to make-do without DLC