Community games in "danger", warns ex-XNA man

CVG: Because Microsoft "deliberately" avoids regulating game quality, says ex-XNA community manager.

Ex-XNA community manager David Weller thinks that Microsoft's upcoming Community Games channel is in danger of being overrun by poor quality titles, due to the company's "deliberate" steps to avoid regulating game quality.

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Rob0g0rilla3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Microsoft is just handing out these tools to anyone. We'll see games being deleted because they aren't being played. I really think Microsoft should be careful about the games in their catalog. Seems like they're aiming for big numbers then quality games. I'm pretty sure that out of 1,000 games that end up on Community Games, there might be only 5 that I actually purchase. And it's kind of like that now with XBLA.

IMO I think Community Games will be overwhelmed with games that won't sell.

socomnick3793d ago

Majority of the xna games will be free. I think its a great opportunity for ms to find talented devs.

PirateThom3793d ago

There's so many reasons why this is going to fail hard.

Lack of quality control is the main reason why Youtube has so much crap on it, and this will be no different.

If you open a service to the public, you end up with about 1% or less good content and the rest is just crap.

Finding the good stuff is next to impossible.

I think back to the XNA demo they had a while ago and there really was nothing good in the games they had uploaded and nothing I hadn't played on PC as freeware years ago or recent Flash games.

In the end, that's all they are, low quality Flash games.