Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: FallOut 3

Set in an alternate timeline in which the US turn their backs on oil in favour of fusion technology, in 2077 the US and China waged a nuclear war. Survivors hid underground in enormous city-sized chambers, known as the Vault, and have been living below the surface for some time. Two hundred years later, and the world's surface is a safe place once again for humans. However, in that time, things have changed considerably; evil robots and deadly mutants now inhabit a desolate world full of ramshackle houses.
E3 2008 held a playable demo of a title that, much like Fable II, is reportedly now complete, and the time between now and launch will involve tweaking and tidying-up. The demo opens with the player standing at the doors to the Vault. Opening the doors reveals...

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