PlayStation UK boss on Ken Kutaragi's 'gamble'

UK MD of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ray Maguire has poo-pooed suggestions of further PS3 price cuts this year, while teasing PS3 gamers with the promise of more on PS3 Home at the Leipzig Games Convention later next month.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with TechRadar, Maguire told us that there is no price reduction for PS3 on the cards for the foreseeable future, confirming that: "We'll go through the next part of the year without a price-reduction… we're committed to introducing the 80Gb PS3 here on August 29, and the £299 price-point remains. That's why we're short of stock at the moment – production of the 40Gb PS3 has stopped."

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thePatriot3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

sounds as fun as this years e3.
Nothing of interest in this interview. but he did say that home will be shown at leipzig. Im hoping they pull a video store and have the beta out after the conference.

zoydwheeler3769d ago

Said that the PS3 was a 'gamble' for Kutaragi was of interest... I thought it was a good interview, nothing too major news-wise, sure, but a measured, well-written piece by Steve Boxer.

Poor_Xbots3769d ago

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TheColbertinator3769d ago

Hey you stole the avatar from zapass.Shame on you.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Ken Kutaragi Gamble is PlayStation Fans WIN!!!;)
(+xBots Fans Loss!!!) ;-D

Bet he could of knocked'out(So2Speak)a PS2.5(Like the xBox 1.5 i.e xBox 360!!!)
And sold it for Cheap(Like the Wii!!!) ;-D
And raked in DA'Money!!!
But he(GOD i.e Ken)made the PS3 SOOOOOOOO FUTURE PROOF!!! ;-P
(Bet you he wanted to cram more good stuff in the PS3, but it would of cost even more than when it came out)

He's NOT Crazy he's a F**KING GENIUS!!!;)

@Poor_Xbots ;) I love that photo!!! ;-D They should do one with someone Dumping alover that sign!!! ;-D

pp3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Nothing new hear folks move on unless your interested in games for 2010 welcome to F*ckin delaystation your number 1 stop for delays


don't mind delays when you have all these other great games to play with .

Black_Jack3769d ago

price cut would be nice, but i dont see it on the cards yet, maybe come the holiday season, that would put massive pressure on microsft aswell, or vice versa. ps3 looking more and more favourable...

Shadow Flare3769d ago

Considering Sony is focusing on breaking even and they released a new bundle at E3, i'd guess if there were to be a price-cut, it will be spring next year, after they've made a nice amount of money from Christmas

Black_Jack3769d ago

i guess sony will rely on its strong line up of games to carry the ps3 though christmas at its current price, then drop it ready for the new year. spring as you've said.

Greysturm3769d ago

The spring lineup is also very appealing so in terms of needed boost i see more of a summer 2009 affair than a spring one since killzone and infamous are releasing at that time.

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