Software is The New Hardware... Apparently

Thomcult: A few interesting announcements have come out of the back end of this week that seem to signify a change in emphasis from Nintendo and Microsoft in terms of how they expect to attract new customers and inspire loyalty in the coming months.

Central to Microsoft's announcement was the notion that the new firmware will essentially reinvent the console, providing a host of new services to expand the whole Xbox 360 experience. In one sense, this is just Microsoft dodging speculation of what's next for them in terms of hardware. It is almost a moot point that software platforms will define which console is the most appealing in an age where it is the services and continual relationship between consumer and manufacturer that defines success. However, throwing in a new interface and features coated in all the gloss in the world isn't really a reinvention of the platform.

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power of Green 3742d ago

Thats some fuced up spin lol.

I guess this moron doesn't even know half of what the update will offer or do; hell we don't even know.

I think this person missunderstood what MSFT was talking about "reinvention" as in the hardcore status or myth of the console.

They have been working on this for awhile now hence the kiddy games and RPG's.

pwnsause3742d ago

guess POG knows what a spin is since hes the master of spin

3742d ago
power of Green 3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Cool the Wii can do cool stuff with pictures!. lol who posted this sh*t?.

Is this article PUN? or an Spoof?...

green3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Such a crappy article.So this guy is saying that ordering pictures online is more important and more relevant to the consumers than.

- Netflix integration.
- Installation of games to HDD (optional)
- Downloading demos,movies or anything available from xbox live marketplace straight on to your 360 from any pc connected to the internet.Fantastic idea because you could be at work and download movies and demo's and it will be ready for viewing buy the time you get home.(PS3 has something similar using the psp, and they will tell you how useful that feature is).
- 8 player party system which you can all watch movies together,and move from game to game seamlessly.
- Avatar's, which some call a Mii reap off but lets face it, it's light years ahead of the mii's.

Those are just some i remember and Microsoft has hinted that there will be more before it launches.And lets not forget the existing feature's it already has.

Kodak has a similar service to the Fugifilm/Nintendo deal and you will be hard pressed to find people that actually use it.

xhairs93742d ago

to everything except: it's light years ahead of the mii's.

It's not light years ahead of the mii's or it might look a little bit more realistic (like HOME).

tplarkin73742d ago

You called it. MS has been nothing but amazing, and the Nintendo/Sony fanboys refuse to admit it. If anyone is "huffing and puffing" to catch up, it's Nintendo/Sony. They are still grasping "the online" thing.

thomfilm3742d ago

In my defence, I'm not talking about the update specifically and I'm not saying anything about Microsoft's strategy. I'm sure it will be a huge success. I'm trying to make a wider point about how it's delivered and that Microsoft feels the need to shout from the rooftops whenever it does anything whilst Nintendo can just introduce really simple (and I admit probably useless) ideas quietly yet people still adore it.

green3742d ago

Okay fine, but one thing you should realize is that Nintendo does not need things like that for it to sell, online gaming or any kind of online structure has never been a selling point for the wii.So Nintendo can introduce such applications and not need to shout about it.Controllers and casual games have always been the wii's selling point hence all the noise they made at E3 concerning wii-motion plus and wii music.

On the other hand, Xbox Live has always been a strong selling point for the xbox brand right from the original xbox, hence their reason to shout about it when it is upgraded and moving the goal post forward.

Sony's strength - Highest amount of 1st party game studios.
Microsoft's strength - The most robust online infrastructure
Nintendo's strength - Motion controller and casual games.

And they all screamed at the top of their lungs at E3 when it came to showing of aspects that they excel at.

kewlkat0073742d ago

Nintendo and Sony have been in the business for more than 30+ years, they can easily sell on Brand name alone, while MS has earn everything the hard way. Being so, they have deep pockets and SEGA just couldn't do the same with the Dreamcast.

what MS has been doing some of it not entirely positive but looking at where we are now, would it been possible to break into the industry without a strong backing with Cash?

I think MS still needs to respond to it's shareholders/investors with numbers because they have been loosing money every since the Original Xbox so, it makes sense with the talks of them being stagnant they re-assure the gamers with these new features.

Nodoze3742d ago

I am getting sick of reading every tom d!ck and harry's blog posts. This guy needs to get off his knees for nintendo and buy a freaking clue. Who gives a sh!t about Fujifilm??

I wish this site would be a bit more selective in it's postings of 'news'.

green3742d ago

Bubbles for that statement

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