Play Mag UK reviews SC4 - 9.4/10. " Better looking than the 360 version"

If you've had a favourite character in the past, then the alterations will be pretty easy to notice. It's more of an overhaul than Soul Calibur III was over its predecessor, and it does genuinely feel new and fresh. And the stunning visuals don't hurt either. Soul Calibur IV is absolutely gorgeous.

The animation has always been superb, but now the detail and solidity of the character models match it. Mitsurugi's scars, Vader's shiny armour, Taki's… assets, they've all been crafted with such care and attention, each pixel has been given some sort of flair or purpose. On a decent 720p TV Soul Calibur IV is one of the best looking games on the PS3, and for once better looking than the 360 version, and is the ideal thing to put on when a mate pops round.

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Playstation Man3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Not only have the tables turned on sales and delays, now so have visual presentations. Could be that the PS3 has finally taken too much momentum to be stopped, something the Sony crowd thought would happen in the fall of last year.

Awesome to see SC4 scoring so well! Good for Namco/Bandai.

sonarus3795d ago

Well its possible but i remember reading a preview where they said 360 version looked better at that time. So its possible but i doubt it. Oh well...i shall see when i rent my copy

cahill3795d ago

this is quite unexpected

also PS3 sales have exploded in anticipation to this and mgs4 bundles at ebGames and also at Amazon.

wonder did price cut actually helped x360....Oh please dont bring up those Fake Vgcharts numbers

expect another 200k extra ps3s (400k in total) this july thanks to mgs4 ps3 bundles and Sc4

Bombibomb3795d ago

Please go back to GT and stay there, Cahill. We don't need anymore 360 fanboys from that stupid website here on N4G.

PoSTedUP3795d ago

hey man, i was just about to say that the tables have turned and the previous multiplat games are a thing in the past. now its the ps3's turn cause the devs are starting to get use to the ps3 ya know.

the future of gaming is near!

morganfell3794d ago

MS is going to find out that the price cut did not help them. People are at 360 saturation here in the US. They are going to have some serious egg on their face and we'll hear a lot of excuses about shortages when the July figures are released. I can't wait to hear how MS tries to weasel out of this one.

Playstation Man3794d ago

Have they even responded to how badly they got whipped in the June NPD? I know Sony and Nintendo responded, any link as to how M$ twisted and turned that ownage?

morganfell3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

@ Playstation Man

Not a peep. They knew that "low stock" excuse was being used too much and decided to save it so when the price cut fails to ignite they have some reasoning, though flawed as a backup. Seriously though, when the July figures come out and the 360 couldn't take the PS3, the industry is going to push a wheel chair over to the 360 and say, "Here old man. You look worn out. Have a rest."

I remember when I got my PS3 60Gb I had already been through 3 Xbox 360s at that time - I am on my 4th now and it is on the fritz. When I fired up the PS3 it just felt completely different. Like a true next generation machine rather than some noisy carnival ride. And it provides that capability not just as a gaming rig but as a true media hub. That is what people are moving toward this fall. Bluray and next gen media. But they also get gaming on top of that.

I don't know what Cahill has as an affiliation but he is correct. Amazon's top seller list is all about PS3 and Wii. It is kicking some butt over there.

jaysquared3794d ago

Seriously why are people making a big deal about "summer numbers" when we all know FALL is where it counts! More than half of consoles sold are sold during the last 3 months of the year! So you can make all the arguements you want but we all know thats a fact! So lets see in february who sells more at taht time period.

rpgenius4203794d ago

I already have SC4 and I am playing it on my modded 360 elite! Now as far as the PS3 and Wii outselling the 360 in the past months....who cares if they have sold more than the 360. The Wii outsells everything we all know that, but now all the people that wanted a PS3, but were waiting for some games and a lower price are now getting them. Personally I love my 360 and yes my first one died, but since I have a slick scheme to get a new one whenever they RRoD (it is as simple as buying a new one then switching the tops and returning the broken one with the new top for your money back) I worry not. I plan on getting a PS3 when it has more to offer, but since I have my 360 and TONS of games to play who needs a PS3 right now.


JasonXE3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

People should pay attention to the source. Play mag is a ps only site so that's as bad as the official ps mag saying it's better looking. Another thing is how would they know if it looked better when Namco wouldn't give them a 360 review copy being a PS ONLY SITE!! Lets wait till more credible reviewers comment about it and we see it for ourselves. Don't want to rush to judgement and this thing totally backfire.

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Bombibomb3795d ago

I hope this is true since I'm getting the PS3 version lol. The DPAD on 360 controllers = Useless, and I don't use the analog sticks for fighting games.

cahill3795d ago

Most x360 fans like me are purchasing a ps3 now
I am a moderator at GT forums

mesh13794d ago

playstation mags seem to be becoming desperate tbh haha mentionion another platform your not reviewing and lieing 1 is better with no comparisons to show FAIL.

morganfell3794d ago

You see, here is the valid side of the argument that says spending all of your time playing video games robs you of an education. I have seen some poor grammatical skills before but this is near the top of the list for the absolute worst. Does anyone here speak Uneducatedese that can understand what he said?

The sad thing is the remarks box actually has a Spell Check. But then again you have to be able to read the button.

HateBoy3794d ago

I'll wait for Tekken 6, SC doesn't do it for me.

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pwnsause3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

now if namco bandai can add trophies on the PS3 version, then it will be an epic win. At the end of the day, even if tekken 6 goes multi-platform, PS3 owners would still win, cause they are play on a version where the game was built on first, which is the PS3 version. cant wait to hear from Cellius/project aces.

pwnsause3794d ago

sorry, "PLAYING ON A VERSION" bad spelling.

Veryangryxbot3794d ago

The tables have turned. PS3 is a superior machine both in terms of software and hardware.

Developers are starting to learn how to harness the PS3s immense power.
In year 2 most MULTIPLATFORM games are already looking better or on par. Just a year ago, most multi platform games have the 360 on the edge because its easier to do stuff on the 360.

It is obvious that if this is year 2, than years 3 and beyond will only mean doom and death for the 360.

B-Rein3794d ago

yeh tahts tru im uk most people bought ps3 version of gta4 cus it was a ps3 game same went for devil may cry 4, more ppl bought ps3 versions cus it was a PS game

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I bet you when they do a side by side Video on con) they will try and make the PS3 Version worse looking!!! :-/
Wait and see...

Everything is better on the...
|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

ShinMaster3794d ago

....Even the arcade version of Tekken 6 runs on PS3 chips. So I don't think Tekken 6 going multi-platform is much of a possibility.

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Poor Xbots3795d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, "Soul Calibur IV is one of the best looking games on the PS3, and for once better looking than the 360 version". Poor Xbots, PS3 superior version confirmed. Poor Xbots, you know that the PS3 has tremendous power, and it was just a matter of time......a matter of time....

Poor Xbots

Silogon3795d ago

I refuse to buy SC because of the lack of gore and realisim when someone chops you with a giant battle axe no man could hold.

power of Green 3794d ago

I thought the charactors were dead already?, shows how much I know about the story.