Nintendo to retire hardcore games until next year

Hardcore Wii owners hoping for more first-party games this holiday can think again.

"You have seen the extent of Nintendo's 2008 holiday lineup," said marketing chief Cammie Dunaway, in an interview with Wired published Monday.

Dunaway was referring to the four remaining first-party titles coming to Wii later this year, all of which are widely considered family-friendly: Mario Super Sluggers (Aug 25), Wario Land: Shake It! (Sep 22), Animal Crossing: City Folk (Holiday), and Wii Music (Holiday).

So while the recently released second half lineup may have been billed as "incomplete," it seems only third-party companies will be adding new games to the list before year's end.

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StephanieBBB3771d ago

Tip for nintendo: Use that Wii money to develop 1st party studios liek now!

incogneato3771d ago

True. Nintendo is dead to me now.

RealityCheck3771d ago

Real gamers to retire buying Wii games until next year.

Voiceofreason3771d ago

Wow guys thats sad.. If only you read the real article you would know that this is nothing but spin from a pro Sony site.

RealityCheck3771d ago

Actually, Gamepro is a pro PC/360 site\magazine most of all. But yes, they might be a bit biased against the Wii. However, it remains that of the big 3, the Wii has the least amount of first party games coming out this holiday IF you discount the mini-games, party games, and other family friendly offerings.

Voiceofreason3771d ago

Gamepro Pro 360? YOu dont ever go there do you? They go out of their way to put the PS3 ahead of 360 in everything they do. They even did a full article where they not only lie about the features of PS3 they play down the features in 360 just so they could say that PS3 was THE only console you needed to own.90% of their users are Sony fanboys and I doubt its so Sony heavy due to being a 360 site.

SaiyanFury3771d ago

The funny thing is it used to be the other way around. Putting the 360 ahead of everything else.

arngrim2293771d ago

yeah well the last hardcore game was no more heroes and how long ago was that? thats why i sold wii day 2, piece of crap that consist of only party games and ps2 ports (dbz tenkaichi 2,3, rygar, guilty gear accent core, boraqoe, man hunt 2, bikini battle babes(lol true) and bunch more ps2 stuff.

Voiceofreason3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

And yet I bet you lvoe the PS3 with its majority of PS2 games on it.. Just admit you never even owned one or played one.Day 2 selling it kinda gave it away. and very pathetic also. Just a Sony fan upset that all the games they loved on PS2 are now going to 360 and Wii as well as some to PS3.

ItsDubC3771d ago

That's quite the A-list of titles you mentioned there. I too would've sold my Wii if those were the only games in the Wii's software library that I focused on.

ChickeyCantor3771d ago

Wtf is it with people who keep saying they sold their Wii after one day? It does not make you cool or something XD
Do you even realize how narrow minded and shallow you sound especially when you say " no core games " along with it?
Before you try to convince people with your BS, do some damn research.

BrotherNick3771d ago

Lol, fine with me, they brought zelda, mario metroid and SSBB in less than 2 years, what do you expect?

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