GamersPlatform: Siren: Blood Curse Episode 2 Review

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"After we saw how the Shibito Police Officer shot Howard Wright and fell off the cliff, we get shifted to Sam Monroe's perspective. This episode is basically what you've played in the demo of the game that was release a few weeks ago. However, there are some added scenes in the game that will tie up to what happened in episode 1. Did Howard Wright really died? What happened to Bella? Where is Sam now? All of these answers will be answered in this episode."

*Review might contain spoilers. Episode summaries will be available July 30, 2008.

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Playstation Man3765d ago

this game deserves great scores! Love it!

sushipoop3765d ago

The chapters get better and better. Loving the story so far.

Bombibomb3765d ago

Purchased it as soon as they updated the store. Got to Chapter 3 and took a break. It's getting a little crazy.

PoSTedUP3765d ago

ima bout to buy all 12 right now, ive been waiting or this game. the demo was off the chain.

C_SoL3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

for a short game (I'm guessing) this is a great review.

EDIT:O, thanks for the heads up. Might just buy it, hopefully my girl gets a kick out of it, late at night.

PoSTedUP3765d ago

its not a short game though. each episode is about 1-3 hours it depends on how you play them ya know.

BananaSlug3765d ago

this reviewer completed the first episode in 15 minutes and the second in 25 minutes

how is that not short?

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Silogon3765d ago

Absolutely crazy ass game! One of the scariest events, entertainment wise, you're bound to find anywhere! Lucio Fulci himself hasn't scared me this much. This game gets better and better with each chapter. Love the 1st one, 2nd one was mind blowing, 3rd one was down right Silent Hill crushing and the 4th one cripples RE all together. This is the best horror game ever made!

Ali_The_Brit3765d ago

i added you but then deleted after a while because you didnt accept...well i did send you a message saying "2 bubbles!"...maybe thats why

In any case its downloading :D

yoghurt3765d ago

Anyone know if its being released on blu ray in the uk?

S1nnerman3765d ago

It would just take ages to download and I'm going through a very patchy erm patch with my net provider

SolidLiquidSnake3765d ago

I'm sure that they will release it on a Blue Ray format! This game is gaining notority, and I'm certain they in the future will release a disc version, for that other gamers that for some reason don't have PS3 wired to the net can enjoy it!

yoghurt3765d ago

Just discovered you can get it on, bout £27

N2NOther3765d ago

Wow...So far the game is only 40 minutes long...I think I'll wait for all the reviews before I purchase it...The demo was ok, but $40 is a lot for a short game that I can't even trade in.

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