Quotes of the week 25/07/08

Gameplayer's round-up of the funniest games industry quotes of the week. Includes wit and wisdom from Peter Molyneux, Yahtzee, and those feminists who got their knickers in a twist over Fat Princess…

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sushipoop3792d ago

LMFAO @ the Fat Princess quotes. Stupid fat people I hate them. Go die and stop breathing up my air!

SilPho3792d ago

Feminists always seem to complain about games, either the characters are too skinny or too fat, but you'd think once in a blue moon they might say "Actually, here's a list of perfectly proportioned and more than acceptable women".

I bet you won't hear one of these people praise GTA IV on some of the well rounded female characters it portrays, instead opting to make obvious complaints about the prostitutes.

Surely Fat Princess is a good thing, it means we're teaching the stereotypical guy gamer that any girl is worth saving.