The Cell Podcast Episode One: Hip Hop Meets E3

Analoghype:The very first episode of's Playstation 3 podcast. The Cell has finally arrived and we had a blast. We were able to chat it up with Hip Hop Gamer also known as Jackal33 from youtube, as well as talk about our impressions from E3, give our thoughts on this week in rumors, and just chop it up as Sony fans. Enjoy.

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solidsnakus3795d ago

i knew this guy was a sony fanboy.

panasonic233794d ago

yes hiphop is pro sony all day man he don't even own a 360.

DFresh3794d ago

Everything is definitely 100% true about the PS3.
A lot of potential and a lot of great exclusive games to look forward to in the near future.
There's just so many reasons to get a PS3 over a 360 right now and that's the truth whether your a fan of Sony or not you all know all of this information to be true.
I love Sony!
Always delivering great things to the consumer 24/7.

Killakap3794d ago

the podcast is new and will get even better stay tuned! and look out for episode 2 it will be posted on n4g as well.