Gamespot: WALL-E Review

As a robot designed specifically to make trash cubes, Wall-E's finely honed talent makes up a large part of his existence, but it takes up only a small portion of the movie. There are only so many unique ways Wall-E can interact with waste material before it gets tiring. Sadly, the Nintendo DS version of WALL-E chronicles the robot's twisted relationship with cubes for the entirety of the journey. A puzzle game designed around the joys of slinging garbage may seem like a promising idea, but the tedium of constantly wrestling with a camera that seems to exist solely to hide valuable objects while you dutifully hurl another block at another switch makes for a tedious experience.

The Good:
* Cool cutscenes
* Some interesting puzzles.

The Bad:
* Repetitive gameplay
* Annoying camera
* Severe punishment system
* Blurry graphics.

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