GameSpy: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Preview

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is Activision's latest videogame adventure starring the one-liner spitting, wall-crawling, web-slinging star of comics and big-budget motion pictures. In his last film, Spider-Man got his hands on the stylish black symbiote costume, though one can also say that the suit got its hands on him. The differences between the black and red costume are more far-reaching than just a cosmetic change. In the film, the black costume had an effect on Peter Parker's psyche, startlingly transforming him from a mild-mannered, humble nerd into a brash, aggressive personality with a penchant for dancing.

In Web of Shadows the player will have complete control over both costumes, switching between the two on the fly, allowing for an interesting mix of abilities and combat capabilities.

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muhammad_nouman3766d ago

Bohat achi game ha pe ki nazar mein. par mere lye gears of war 2 ache ha

muhammad_nouman3766d ago

spider man bohat thaki game ha duniya kee. or gears of war 2 duniya ki saro se ala game ha

muhammad_nouman3765d ago

bajey ko Spider man bohat Achi lagti hai. Khas kr web of Shadows