GameSpy: Wanted Preview

At last week's E3 event in Los Angeles, GameSpy got a brief glimpse of the upcoming Wanted, a third-person action shooter based on the film of the same title. While movie games have a history of being substandard vehicles for over-ambitious licensing, Wanted could end up being one of those rare gems that breaks from the pack. One clue that hints that Wanted might not end up as a shabby tie-in is the fact that it's not releasing day and date with the film (which is already in theaters in the U.S.), so developer GRIN can take its time crafting an experience that Executive Producer Pete Wanat described as "not seeing the movie, but playing the movie."

From what GameSpy saw of the game, this approach certainly appears to be working, because Wanted is already solving some of the problems that traditionally plagued action shooter games.

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