Halo - Will This Be The Last From Bungie?

In what has been a rock solid front from the two companies over the years, a fracture has appeared in the form of Bungie being pushed aside from the Microsoft press conference due to "time issues".

To add fuel to the fire, head writer of the Halo series, Frank O'Connor, had left Bungie to go and "work more closely with Microsoft on Halo" this May, suggesting that more Halo titles could be in development as genuine first party titles. And with MGS owning the intellectual property for Halo, it's probable that we will see a similar situation here as with Crytek and Ubisoft over Far Cry 2.

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Grassroots3768d ago

I was under the impression Halo 3 was their last for a while. I really would like to see what else Bungie could come up with.

SixZeroFour3768d ago

just rumor and speculation, but i think they are making a new IP called superintendant...but then again, some think that it is related to the halo franchise since not there isnt too much info about it

NewSchoolGamer3768d ago

there will be Halo 5, 6, halo combat evolved 2, Halo Lego, Halo Wars 2, and so on.

LOL, if the next halo is Halo 4 or something then it should really be their last.

Xi3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Why end a series if it's amazing.

Kojima said mgs 1 was his last mgs game, and 3 lame sequels later, and like 12 other titles, the best being the acid games... he thinking about mgs5.

FantasyStar3768d ago

that's what made Kojima do MGS3 and MGS4. I'm sure the same goes for Halo Fanatics.

Monty_The_Great3768d ago

its always amusing to see just how many ps3 fanboys are on this site. You make an excellent post that is 100% true, well true in the sense that they should keep a series going if it is accepted by the mainstream. Its just sad that's all, this site was so different back in the day. Like you said, why not keep a series going? Jesus, most of the best games coming out this year and next are all sequels or thirds or fourths or 13th's. Just stop with it cannot make another one because its Halo. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean that the other 8 million plus people that own it don't like it either.

DarkBlade3768d ago

Because Halo 3 was suppose to be their last game. But i guess MS drop off a load of money for another one since what happen in sale with Halo 3

Spydiggity3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

a speculative article about a very small fraction of the actual story between microsoft and bungie. how unusual for this site to post something so pointless.

@xi... first smart thing i've read on n4g in a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.