DailyGame: Top Spin 3 Review

The original Top Spin was one of a slew of first-party sports games for the first Xbox that conspicuously disappeared once EA got on board with Xbox Live. Yet unlike Microsoft's baseball and football franchises, which also disappeared, Top Spin was actually a pretty fun game, with intuitive gameplay that was addictive in the same vein as a next-gen Pong.

Top Spin has since moved under the watchful eye of 2K Sports, which has in turn brought it to the PS3 and Xbox 360. At the same time, much of the original game's arcade-inspired fun has also moved, and it's in fact safe to say that with 2K Sports involved, Top Spin 3 is a tennis simulator much more than it is a Pong-like game. Now in its third match, is Top Spin still fun? In a different sense, yes. But it's definitely a changed game, and not without one big growing-pain fault.

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