SPOnG Preview: Motorstorm Pacific Rift

SPOnG: "There are those who say that there are all too few games to play on the PS3. But those people can STFU and step away from the console. Motorstorm 2, Pacific Rift is in the building. When I received this news, I sprinted to the SPOnG office, and grasped the joypad with delight, only to find that the thing had locked up - which is fine, since this is very early demo code (70%). A quick restart and we were ready to play."

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thor3768d ago

it's exactly the same as the first game, with new environments and split-screen. In fact the only thing that's changed is they've added a monster truck. What I hoped to see was DIFFERENT VEHICLES, as in, you unlock not just skins for your vehicles, but vehicles with different stats: a faster yet worse handling rally car, a slower yet more stable bike etc. I never completed motorstorm 1 because it just got BORING, you just did the same exact races again and again with slightly tougher AI.