Gamespot: NCAA Football 09 Review (PS3 & Xbox 360)

he NCAA Football series has always been in the shadow of its big brother, Madden. But like Eli Manning or Ronde Barber, both of whom have a more-famous sibling, NCAA Football has established its own identity and proven itself to be more than Madden with marching bands. This year's effort benefits from the inclusion of an Online Dynasty mode and the ability to share custom roster files, but other than these two additions, little has changed.

The Good:
* Online Dynasty mode supports 12 players
* Great college atmosphere
* Home-field advantage is effective but doesn't feel cheap
* Custom rosters can be shared online.

The Bad:
* Lots of missed tackles
* Recruiting gets old quick
* Campus Legend is more of the same
* Icing the kicker works way too well.

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