1UP: Afro Samurai E3 Impressions Preview

Afro Samurai lets fans step into the lead role of this anime-turned-action-adventure game. The legend of two headbands stands behind the story: "Number One," which the protagonist Afro's father bore, gives its wearer immense power. Only by wearing the second headband, "Number Two," can one challenge the wearer of Number One to a duel to the death. Getting Number Two, however, is much easier; anyone can claim it simply by killing its current wearer. In classic ninja-story fashion, Afro dons the second headband to seek revenge against the man he watched behead his father for Number One when he was a child. The game also features the unmistakable voice talents from the show, including Samuel L. Jackson as Afro and Ron Perlman as the reigning Number One, Justice.

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