GameSpot: Demigod Q&A

God is dead. That's the premise of Demigod, the upcoming tactical real-time strategy/role-playing hybrid from Gas Powered Games. Now that the all-powerful All Father is out of the way, the throne of the universe is yours for the taking. But as a child of the All Father, or demigod, you'll have to wage war against your very own brothers to take big papi's place. Talk about sibling rivalry.

For Gas Powered Games, the creator of the superb RTS Supreme Commander and the acclaimed action RPG Dungeon Siege, Demigod is a natural blending of genres. After choosing one of several demigods, you'll do battle against both AI opponents and other players online in a persistent battlefield before finally claiming the universe as your own. GameSpot sat down with Brad Wardell, CEO of publisher Stardock, and Chris Taylor, CEO and founder of Gas Powered Games, to get the latest on Demigod and the battle for godhood. Here's what they had to say.

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