MAG E3 trailer analysis

Hey, we here at That Gaming Site have took it upon ourselves to watch through the MAG E3 trailer again and again until we are dam sure we didn't missed a thing, but heck we probably still did. Ok so we all know what MAG is and if not click here. Before we start we want to state that this is all speculation, some may be right some may be wrong, but this is everything we have gained from the trailer. We used the Gametrailers video to analyse, so if you want to follow please do.

The first thing we noticed was in the 20 seconds in. We noticed that there was three logo's. The logo's each had a different name and picture. In order from top to bottom they say. Hammer, Swes (this was hard to make out so forgive us if we are wrong) and Raven. We believe these to be the teams that you can play as. This then leads us onto thinking that there could well be three teams on the battlefield rather than two. We are not sure how the numbers would work but each team would have 85 players with one left over. The following added to our suspicion, when team Raven was selected.

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you broke it down , good job

Elven63766d ago

Nice Analysis! You should do more of em!