Wii Dev Kit Upclose and Personal

Xbox family writes: We have a Wii Dev Kit and some developer discs (which appear to be DVDs, but are called RVTs).

I'll post some pictures of the kit and discs later. I have to blackout certain things. Credit goes to J on this one since she brought it home. It's flippin sweet though.

Oh also have the developer cart for DS. I'll post that later tonight too.

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Kwertie3765d ago

I've seen these before, but the one I saw looked exactly the same minus the disc drive, instead it had a laptop HDD built in with some lights on the front (which perhaps signals which partition is in use)

Kushan3765d ago

That's not actually a Wii dev kit, the development kit is a big black box with lots of USB ports on the back. We've got them, so I would know.
That kit he has there is more of a Wii testing unit, basically a Wii with less security that will play games from any disk.
They have PS3 test kits that look like regular PS3s as well as proper dev kits that are essentially also big black boxes.