E3 '08: Best in Show

Forget who "won" the press briefings last week at E3, this is about the games. The Exploding Barrel discusses games that made the biggest impact and which games can be tagged with the honors of "Best in Show" for each console. While many gamers left E3 this year with a yawn, There were still plenty of games for gamers to get excited about this year. Take a look at the Best of the Best of E3

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Cinos1233793d ago

I just hope they can keep surprising us with the new stuff they add to the game and stay on this amazing ride up until release.

I just wish they would have stayed with the initial release of September, October is going to be full of great games(for me anyways) that are going to empty my wallet.

Hey at least we get beta in Sept supposedly.

iHEARTboobs3793d ago

I agree, especially after seeing it replace the power point presentation.