HARDWARE 2 announced on Playstationlifestyle

They announced the exclusive new game Today , be sure to check it out.

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TheColbertinator3767d ago

David Jaffe perhaps?

But it still stands Sony,will you deliver the RPG we have been waiting for?

cloudman3767d ago

This better not be the august 3rd exlcuive becuase i dont like it.

This wesite must have bigged it up

i think this website is a letdown if it is the august 3rd exclusive!

they made it sound all "MAJOR"

morganfell3767d ago

Uhm, would you say Killzone 2 is a major upgrade over the first?

And the fact you have seen nothing yet are already shooting it down shows that, well, where is that ignore button.

sushipoop3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

WTF is Hardware? I knew it couldn't be anything "MAJOR" if Sony didn't announce it at E3 last week LOL. I'll wait for Leipzig and TGS for all the "MAJOR" announcements.

You better put up some screens RIGHT NOW unless you want everyone laughing at your website.

chaosatom3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

It's another Massive Action Game. :)

I need to see a screenshot or something to say anything about this game.

TheColbertinator3767d ago

Maybe this is from Eat,Sleep,and Play?

whoelse3767d ago

This game was going to be announced at E3, but like many others, it wasn't.

3767d ago
MikeGdaGod3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

it doesn't sound like a shooter, sounds like Twisted Metal.

if so i'd be more than happy. it's another one of my "this is why i bought a PS3 " games that i can cross off my list.

i don't care at all about any FF game.

Euphrate3767d ago

I respect your taste in games. It's good to have variety on a console.

It's just Sony, abondoning the reason why I bought my ps3 :/

JVIDICAN3767d ago

tgs or sonys japanese event, those are the places youll see new rpgs and seriously RPG and FPS have been ruled out since this rumor started. it was hinted as being "an action game with lots of violence and possibly military" that doesnt sound rpg'ish ;)

jwatt3767d ago

This sounds like what Warhawk 2 should be like!

morganfell3767d ago

Euphrate, it always help to get people on your side and convince them when you type in caps, jump up and down, scream, curse, and wave your hands. Also having little substance to your argument also helps. Wait, you checked all of those blocks.

BattleAxe3767d ago

Heres a link that shows some images from the first Hardware game for the PS2.

thebudgetgamer3767d ago

holy crap that sounds awesome

thePatriot3767d ago

that an onlie game for ps3 has atleast 50 people.
this does sound like fun. 100 player deathmatch with destructible environments=ultimate mayhem

Milky3767d ago

It does sound amazing, living city with fully destructible environments and limb chopping. 50 vs 50 with loads of vehicles with full customation. The perfect mix up !

Tomdc3766d ago

im bored of these online fighting games and shooters... I want RPGs and platformers =(

xhairs93766d ago

I think it was called battle bots or something like that. Two teams each build their own destructive robot and battle them in a small arena...but after the screens for Hardware 1 (PS2) it looks a lot more like twisted metal.

PS3 + 1.
360 - 0.

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Relcom3767d ago

You tried Twisted metal on Acid?

That what this game sounds like, also he says screens are coming in the coming days meaning that i still believe to be iffy until then. Good luck with this Playstation Lifestyle, your reputation is on the line.

Dir_en_grey3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Not interested in Twisted Metal and never heard of Hardware...
Even if this game turned out to be decent the hype was just all kind of a big let down... =/

Killzone 2, MAG, and inFamous killer... from the sound of it I'm worried if Playstationlifestyle can live up to the claim.

They are a great site though and I hope they are right.

Sev3767d ago

The reason why this "Hardware 2" is so significant is because its a joint effort by Sony London Studios, Sony Liverpool studios, and incognito.

3 of Sony's top in house studios working together on a game. Thats amazing by itself.
But we have images to be shown on August 3rd. So keep watch.

THC CELL3767d ago

sounds great and people can bash it been another twisted metal
one of ps2 greatest games

this sounds a lot better

Cinos1233767d ago

....PS3 is already getting Twisted Metal, now this? I don't know how to feel about this( probably not that great) I mean given a choice between this or Twisted Metal? No brainer.

Also this is another online shooter there is already going to be tons of them for next year KZ2,MAG, and possibly another CoD. This game sadly will just be put a side while everyone else plays those other games.

THC CELL3767d ago

at the end of the day none of u have seen it yet and also
its a exclusive so be happy

Cinos1233767d ago

Neither have you, you can't just say you love a game because its exclusive, exclusives don't mean $hit if they're not in point HAZE,Heavenly Sword, and LAIR.

I'm a Sony Fanboy, but I'm not delusional.

faisdotal3767d ago

Heavenly swords good dumbass.

TheColbertinator3767d ago

@Cinos Heavenly Sword was a good game unlike the other two.Check out the Play magazine and Game Informer reviews.Also I enjoyed it but it was too short.

games4fun3767d ago

heavenly sword was a great game the game had a level with around 4000 enemies on screen and you need to kill them all

its only flaw was the legnth, everything else, graphics,storyline,gameplay were top notch

dont ever put it in the same category as lair or haze

Cinos1233767d ago

Why do I have to go read reviews when I've actually played the game? I found it be an alright game at best and the only reason I grouped those three together was because the guy said "Its an exclusive so be happy" guess what? those three games are exclusive and many people were not happy.

syanara3766d ago

its still stands that this game hasnt been shown yet it could be good or bad nobody knows yet the only conclusion im gonna jump to is that its got some okay features but that doesnt mean it will be good. this game is just another game so far

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