New information on PES 2009

After waiting a while for any sort of news, we have an avalanche of info all at once! Thanks to Lami, Hunter from PESGaming and most importantly Sparky from the Pro Evo League Live UK website. They posted an in-depth interview with a member of the industry who had the chance to playtest PES 2009.

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Arsenal4Ever3796d ago

doesnt loook too positive. wait for the demo

Lord20083796d ago

Hopefully this year they will get the player balance right, in PES 6 & 2008 to many players felt the same, also they to tone down the speed.

alphabet3796d ago

Let's hope they swap PES points for real currency.

shine13963796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

no master league update...lets hope that changes...great to hear wembley making it in finally.

edit: some more brazillian and argentian teams would be nice...

somelikeithot3796d ago

as long as the online works this time round I really don't care about all the other stuff!!!

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