Ubisoft Sales Up 26% in Q1


"Ubisoft continues on its growth path with yet another fantastic quarter. Sales beat expectations for the period and full-year guidance has been raised. Splinter Cell has been moved into the next fiscal year, however."

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Playstation Man3792d ago

They're a crap publisher and worse in-house developer. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 was quick shovelware cash-grab and Haze was a disgrace under their publishing.

Surfman3792d ago

thanks to ubisoft montrel eh

SPECTER3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

only reason its up is tons of people bought R6V2 then UBI broke it with an update then fix that and give a fan pack making everyone buy it again.

Ps3Fanboy7773792d ago

Seems like a few 360 games are being delayed. First Alan Wake and now there big gun Splinter Cell Conviction!