Comic-Con '08: DC Universe Online First Gameplay Videos

SCRAWL: "Straight from the San Diego Comic-Con 2008 comes the first gameplay footage of DC Universe Online from Sony Online Entertainment for the PLAYSTATION 3 and PC. These videos take place in Metropolis from the Superman comics. The superhero that is being used in the game seems to have super-speed, allowing him to run on buildings and such, as well as other powers like super-strength. View the other three videos at the jump."

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The gaming GOD3768d ago

I was routing for this game to be good.

I'm happy with the way this game is turning out.

Day 1 purchase for me

The gaming GOD3768d ago

Then yeah I believe so.

But you still have to buy the disc lol

Bigbangbing3768d ago

i Mean isn't this a Free Downloadable Game ?

if not ... then No Buy For Me

Bazookajoe_833768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

" Mean isn't this a Free Downloadable Game ?
if not ... then No Buy For Me"

Lol, im sorry but i just have to laugh at that statement. But you will buy it if it´s free?

It´s cool with a console mmo, but i dont know if it´s really my style. Im more of a fantasy neerd instead of comic book neerd.

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arika3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I was a fan of JLA since I was a kid. Even now I still watch their series if I can. This game is turning out to be something special... Not just a day one buy but I'll preorder it ahead of time... see you guys later... up up and away! Ouch! i forgot i have to wait for this game before I can fly.. well to the batcave then(in short my apartment)...hehehehe!