Gamers Universe Preview - Death Track: Resurrection

Gamers Univerise Writes: "How many decent racers that allow you to destroy your opponents using gunfire can you recall? Two? Three? WipEout and Full Auto are really the only incarnations that you could acknowledge as qualified successes in this most unimaginative of sub-genres. If you really want to clutch at straws you might count Mario Kart too, but...' but we don't think turtle shells and banana skins meet the criteria for offensive weaponry.

The original Death Track is widely credited as the creator of the so called combat racing genre, coming up with the idea of going one step further than Roger Corman's 1975 exploitation flick Death Race 2000, by grafting great big guns to outlandish vehicles with the express purpose of mowing down your equally well-armed rivals in a shower of white-hot lead."

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